Reconcilation with civilly divorced husband

I’m interested in reconciling with ex but he is dating someone

I’ve just commented on your other thread, OP. I really don’t want to upset you or insult you, but I really think you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Your ex seems more than happy to have his cake and eat it. Why reconcile with you when he can continue to have marital relations with you whilst at the same time keeping his girlfriend?

His actions are fully selfish. He gets to string both of you along, knowing full well you want him back.

I’m sorry he’s treating you so disrespectfully. Please think about his behaviour very carefully before you consider a reconciliation.


Thank you for your comments. We have no sexual relationship. Since I have been studying the Bible more, it says that I should reconcile or not have relations with another man. This actually was not hard for me as my faith has gotten stronger because of this hurt. I believe that we have a valid sacramental marriage, so won’t pursue a nullification. Even though I think the Church, sadly, will give one to just about anyone. He has said that he will not pursue one either-I think, mainly because he doesn’t want others knowing details of this situation.

You are correct, he is your husband, so praying for his reoentence and a subsequent reconciliation is proper thing to do. But take it no farther beyond praying for him until he quits seeing other women and expresses remorse for the abandonment, unfaithfulness, and publicly embarrassing you.

Thank you-that is what I am doing.

If you know he is having sexual relations and still receiving Communion, then this is a mockery, sacrilege, and profanity of Jesus and His Eucharist.

If your pastor is not concerned, your Bishop should be made aware.

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