Reconciliation between freedom of will and sovereignty of God?


okay, here’s something i’ve been taking for granted for a lot of years: God remains the absolute Master of the determination of our will, yet we maintain freedom over our wills and are free to reject or accept His Grace. HUH?!?! Can someone please explain this to me and tell me how the Church reconciles these two truths?


What is this “Master of the determination of our will”? As stated it is in direct contradiction with free will. Since I know “free will” is true, I would conclude that the other is therefore false.


God is love, He created us out of Love and He wants us to love Him back.

But he gave us free will. He gave us the power to refuse his love and deny loving Him.
He wants it that way…why? Because without the freedom of will, we cannot love God.
We have to choose out of ourselves to love God.
We have to make the choice to turn from sin and turn to God in an act of Love.

He wants us to love Him out of our own free will.

I don’t think He is the Master of our wills, He gave us free will to deny Him if we choose.

You may be mistakenly thinking of your first point as a Truth?


okay, let me try to again with the first part…

doesn’t God ultimately have unreserved power of directing the choice of our will? Converting and hardening the sinner? Doesn’t Scripture speak of God having this power? If this is so, how can we say that we have free will?


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