Reconciliation for my relationship

Please pray that my ex and I reconcile. We have a hard time expressing our feeling for one another, but we both know we care for and miss eachother. Help us to have even more communication than we have now. Pary for M’s safety. Help us to reunite, and move towards a happy relationship free of the fears, insecurities and selfishness that drove us apart in teh first place. Thank you.

It is better to pray that God’s will for this relationship be done.

God knows if this is the right person for you - may His will be done. That I pray for you.

Hi jrabs,

Well that goes without saying, of course. Whatever God’s will for this relationship I will accept. I believe it is God’s will that my ex and I have continued to communicate even though we are no longer together. So as long as there’s still a chance I will keep prayer with a clean and open heart. And whatever God gives me/us I know will be what’s best for the reationship.

Lord God, you know us better than we know ourselves. Help us to know each other, and to know ourselves, so that we may strive to love you and serve you in everything we do: especially in the love of marriage. Give these two the grace they need to love each other as they should! Bless them. Amen.

Now, don’t yell at me if you’re married to her/him 40 years down the road and can’t stand her most of the time! :smiley:

Bless you.

Hi Havemercy,

Thanks or your words. I do hope I get the grace to accept God’s will. I also pray that God will give my ex the courage to say how he truly feels. SInce he was the one that broke it off- I’m putting the ball in his court. I am so grateful that after 4 months we are still communicating, and see eachother from time to time. I do love him, and don’t worry- if we do end up getting married (if that’s what teh Lord wants), I’ll always remember this time I spent without him- so that even if I can’t stand him, I’ll appreciate that he just there in teh first place! Thanks for your prayers, continue to pray for him and I!

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