reconciliation question

I just went to absolution today. The priest my asst. Pastor talked to me for awhile and then recited and forgave. I was not required to read the act of contrition. I asked him about it and he said I could read that in the parish pews. Well I had to leave because the last buses to my house leave at 5:10 and confession begins at 4pm and lasts to 4:45pm. Mass starts at 5PM so I couldn’t stay for the vigil. My first opportunity for Mass will probably be Tues. Anyway my question was that a valid confession because he didn’t make me read the “Act of Contrition”?


Yes, it was an absolutely valid absolution. Contrition is a required part of the sacrament, praying an “act of contrition” is not.

I had the same experience at one of the more liberal parishes in town. The priest didn’t have me make my act of contrition, or assign a penance. There’s nothing wrong with this, though it just wasn’t what I was used to. I was told by my current confessor that in cases like this, I’m obliged to make my act of contrition and do my own penance after confession.

Yes, it was a valid confession.


Wow I didn’t know they didn’t assign a penance. I thought that was for forgiveness but I guess it’s treating the temporal punishment.


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