Hello, I know this has probably been answered before regarding confession. I was just wondering if we sin, probably mortal, have every intention of going to confession, and are sorry for it, are we forgiven at the time of repentance, or confession in the sacrament. Thanks in advance!

At the time of absolution. Otherwise, what would be the point of confession?

It may be worth mentioning that if you’re planning on confessing your sins and drop dead on your way to the confessional you’re forgiven even though you didn’t make it to confession.
God knows our hearts, if you’re truely sorry and has firmly decided to confess it to your confessor, but are prevented from it you’re on good terms with God.
On the other hand, if you delay confession without any good reason things look a lot darker for your soul.
At least that’s what I’ve been told at RCIA…

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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hello brothers and sisters, somewhat unrelated, but is the sacrament of reconciliation still valid for absolution if I’m not yet a catholic? as in, I haven’t gotten RCIA and confirmation?
Can non-catholics confess? sorry, thought we’d get two birds with one stone.

No, non-Catholics may not receive the sacrament of reconciliation.
Through confession we reconcile with both God and his church and when we recieve the absolution we’re back in full communion with his church.
Non-Catholics cannot reconcile and get back to full communion with a church they’ve never been fully part of.
The first confession for converts are usually made within a few weeks before entering the church (this only applies to people who are baptized before entering the church).

Thank you very much. I’m not a full member yet but am planning to convert. I’m already baptized and a priest from the Catholic church informed me he wants to give me Confirmation.
After confirmation am I allowed to? Or is it still against canon law?

That’s only correct if one had made a perfect Act of Contrition and planned to make it to confession as soon as possible.

At my RCIA. Our priest told us that after the rite of election, those who HAVE ALREADY been Baptized could now either receive the sacrament of reconciliation or the anointing of the sick. Could also receive a Catholic burial.

Actually, were expected to have gone at least once during Lent so that on the mornin g of Holy Saturday we, that are Candidates, are not making our first confession. The catechumen will be baptized that night at Easter Vigil.

This is anecdotal and not Canon Law, but It’s how we do it at our Parish.

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