Hi All -

My children and I returned to the church back in July 06. Since the fall, the children have been attending a Religious Ed “catch-up” class. Today, they get to do their first confession. They’ve been working so hard to learn the Act of Contrition and rehearsing what they’ll say to Father with each other. It does this Momma’s heart good to see that we’re all back on track in our faith.



congrats! :thumbsup:


Wonderful! And once they’ve made their first one, make sure it isn’t their last. :thumbsup:


Congratulations and welcome home…I wish all the members of my family would do the same…please ask your children to pray for John in Modesto, that he return to the Holy Mother Church.

Thank you…


I was in your shoes with my family about eight years ago. Since returning we attend Mass every Sunday. My three children are all caught up on their Sacraments. My wife now works for the religious education office and I am a catechist who teaches junior high CCD as well as many adult classes. It did this daddy good to see his family back on track.:thumbsup: Yours was a great post and may God’s love be with you and your family always.:slight_smile:


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