Reconciling Lifestyle and Faith


I am a 24 year old Catholic (used to go to Church more than twice a week) convert who joined the Marine Corps about 9 months ago. Now, since the Marine Corps, I dont go to Church and frankly, I am having difficulties in reconciling my current lifestyle (I have always been a bit of a paradox with libertine notions in concerns to life, but I staunchly defend traditional Catholicism). I have been married for three years and I’m not really a typical “jarhead” in that I am very eccentric and argumentative (I’ve noticed that a good majority of Marines despise conversation that centers around religion, politics, or anything else of substance). I feel that my faith is lacking, but at other times, it doesnt. How can I reconcile myself?


But why have you stopped going to mass? Perhaps that is why you are having difficulty reconciling things in your life. Perhaps going to confession and a return to mass would help… You state that at times you feel your faith is lacking. Well if you are missing mass, I would agree with you.


Hi loyola109. First off thank you for your service in the Marine Corps.

Is there a particular area of your faith that you feel is lacking? Prayer life or more of the philosopy/apolegetics end? Have you ever read or listened to anything by Tim Staples?
I believe he came into the Church stemming from conversations he had with a Catholic while he was in the service. Also, since you are in such a rough and tumble environment, maybe reading some simple writings like those of St. Therese would be a nice compiment to your lifestyle.
Where is your wife in her faith? Sometimes a spouse can be the best cheerleader.

I agree with Irishmom - Get back to the sacraments ASAP. Do a little spring cleaning of the soul with conferssion and mass. Is there a Catholic chaplin you can speak with there? He might really understand where you are coming from.

St. Michael, defend us in battle!


How can I reconcile myself?

Thank you for your service in the Marine Corps.:thumbsup:

To solve your dilemma, I would ask a different question. I would ask, "how do I reconcile with God?"

Remember that God is infinite, infallible, and unchanging. Remember also that religion is not a club you join because you like its rules and benefits. Religion, particularly the Catholic faith, is about learning the Truth (in the absolute, objective sense) and living life accordingly.

In other words, because God is infinite, infallible, unchanging, and unchangable, you must conform yourself to Him. If you do so, because He is also your creator and love incarnate, you will be profoundly happy. If you do not, you will be unhappy no matter what you do.

I once drifted from the faith for many years because I had problems accepting certain teachings of the Catholic Church. The result, for me, was total disaster in my life. It was not until I returned to the faith - seriously returned - that things improved.

I recommend that you go to at least weekly mass and monthly confession, if at all possible while you are in the service. Also redevote yourself to a strong prayer life, such as a rosary per day. Do spiritual reading in the form of the Bible, the Catechism, lives of the saints, apologetics, or whatever.

You wont' regret it, I promise. :)


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