Reconciling the Calendars

Now that the traditional rite may become more widespread, at least in some parishes, and - to boot - Pope Benedict seems to be calling for the inclusion in the traditional rite of some of the recently added feasts and saints, the question arises as to how the distinct liturgical calendars and their associated practices will be reconciled.

Your thoughts…

Simply to incorporate the recent Saints and Feasts into the Traditional Calendar, but without changing the Feasts as they were in 1962.

The real problem will be trying to fit a three-year lectionary cycle into the TLM cycle. This may be especially true in bi-ritual parishes.

That’s something I was wondering about…

I’m a BIG fan of the “modern” Lectionary, but I’m not sure how it’s going to be “grafted” onto the Tridentine Mass, with the differences in cycles, feasts, etc.

The “Three year lectionary cycle” is not used in the 1962 Missal. If that were possible then you would have to change the Rite- and the Missal itself. So there will be no problem at all. There is no “cycle” of readings in the TLM- only one “epistle” as well- so no problem again because the Traditional Roman Rite does not allow for such things as the Novus Ordo.


It is not “goint to be grafted into”. If that were the case you would see a 2007 or future year release of a New Roman Missal that would incorporate both Rites.


The MP hasn’t been released yet so I haven’t heard this one yet. For adding additional feast days for additional saints to the 1962 Missal…would again mean a re-issuance of the Traditional Roman Rite of Mass with an entirely new “updated” Missal.


Not necessarily, no? For all the changes of the 1960’s AFAIK they did not issue a new editio typica each time- just modified the 1962.

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