We’re having Reconcilliation Weekend near here, which includes priests from three local parishes hearing confessions for an hour and a half tonight and for 6 hours tomorrow. My friend and I went tonight and it was wonderful. The priest was so kind.
I posted a thread a month or so ago, asking if anyone has ever had a bad experience with a priest hearing their confession because I was a little nervous about going – I always am. I’ve never had a bad experience but still get a case of the nerves before I go.
Do your parishes have Reconcilliation Weekends?

My parish does not nor have I ever heard of one.

During Lent there are increased opportunities for confession offered.

Daily, after the 7:15 & 9:00am masses, Wednesday evening @ 7pm…The Light is On for You… Saturday @ 3 and Sunday 30min before the 9:30 & 11:30 masses.

My parish does not have Reconciliation weekends, but our new pastor has greatly increased the opportunities one has to go to Confession. Confession used to only be available on Saturdays, but now it is available four days a week. And during Lent, Confession is available every evening (and Mass is celebrated every evening).

If, for some reason, I can’t make it to Confession at my home parish, I just drive into DC (about 15 minutes). Between the National Shrine and the Franciscan Monastery, Confession is always readily available.

Only “bad” experience I’ve ever had in confession was once where I might have been going on a bit too long about a habitual sin of mine, I actually heard Father yawn a few times! He rather sternly instructed me that I was being given absolution and if I decided to keep on thinking about or talking about this for any length of time, I was not trusting in the mercy of God and committing a sin of pride.

Then he gave me a tough penance–tough for me, anyways. I was to make a retreat and study the Gospel of John. Took me three months to get all that accomplished, and I’m still not convinced I studied the Gospel adequately.

But it certainly put this habit of mine in a whole new light I hadn’t even considered before. That’s why I put quote marks over the word “bad.”

What if you couldn’t afford the money or the time to make a retreat (which is usually a few days or at least a weekend)? Now that seems like a harsh penance. The study of John seems a bit ambiguous. It could mean just to read it and reflect upon it, to get a commentary and use that for study, or to take a course.

I wish Mass was ever evening here, too, but we do have it on Wednesday evening.

That’s kind of a tough penance.

We don’t know how bad the sin was. Maybe Fr. was being light. :smiley:

The habitual sin I confessed wasn’t all that bad, but I think Father really wanted me to take the time to slow down, think, and really learn to appreciate God’s mercy. I was pretty scrupulously oriented in those days, and it was starting to affect my faith, becoming more of a paralyzing influence than anything else. Or maybe he was just getting really, really bored with listening to the same old thing week after week from me! I think he would have changed the penance if I told him I couldn’t financially afford to do a retreat, you’re not supposed to get a penance that you have no chance of completing.

Our parish has Reconciliation services before each of the major holidays. They consist of many area priests convening at our Church, a Liturgy of the Word, a short homily and an Examen of Conscience tied in with the homily. And lots of music (mostly to cover up the sound of hundreds of confessions :stuck_out_tongue:

What draws a lot of people to these services is that they are offered on a weeknight, which not our usual Confession times. The other draw: the variety of priests- some you know, some you don’t/might never see again. :wink: It works.

I wish you a happy Lenten season.

No reconciliation weekends at my home parish. My priest offers 30 minutes/month of scheduled Confession time. Appointments for emergencies only.

I’ve only been to Confession three times in my life when I was young. They were all bad experiences because no one taught me how to confess sins properly, so every time I went I got scolded. I eventually quit going to Confession, and church. When I decided to come back, I discovered the priests in my diocese were pretty flaky about sticking to the scheduled Confession times, and my own home parish priest flat-out refused to hear my confession outside of his 30 minutes/month of scheduled Confession time. :rolleyes:

Our bishop has mandated this lent for reconciliation be available every Wednesday night, 6 to 8 PM.

It is in conjunction with the “Catholics Come Home” regional add campaign. He has mandated that every Wednesday night in every parish in the diocese that the priests be in the confessionals and people in the church to greet and meet people who come in.

It is based on this theme from Boson,

This is the website for Catholics Come Home.

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