Record daily high for coronavirus

Didn’t Trump say this would disappear after the election?

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Actually, he said it was 15 cases going down to zero.

Then he said it goes away, like a miracle in April, when the weather became warmer.

Then he quipped about how we test so much and if we didn’t test we’d have fewer cases.

And more recently, his rallies featured choruses of “fire Fauci.”


While it’s important to watch the daily new case counts, you also have to look at hospitalization and mortality.

In my state, the mortality peaked in April, then decreased and has stayed very low.

The new cases dipped to a low in July, then stated to climb again. But the death and hospitalization rates have not gone up since April.

I look at the case counts and death counts for my County and State every day since my kiddos got sent home from school last March, and I’ve also been recording the numbers the government releases for my own interest.


I think he said it would disappear in April when it got warm.

That certainly was the hope, as other viruses tend to do that. This is why one should not make predictions about which we have no control.

This is exactly right. Herd immunity and a vaccine is the key while we protect the most vulnerable.


It is an absolute raging dumpster fire. Uncontrolled spread in the midwest. Rising cases almost everywhere.

In North dakota, hospital staff positive for COVID are still working! Their hospitals are at capacity. But their governor won’t mandate masks or take aggressive measures.

Doctors without Borders are deploying to the US because this is now an international humanitarian crisis! Welcome to the USA, the world’s richest third world country.


Yes, it’s been moving like a wave through the country, so some places have high hospitalization rates and other states are past that peak.

Actually, it is going up almost everywhere. My state was doing well for months but has strated trending poorly. Our governor is starting to reimpose stricter regulations and is saying more will come if we continue to trend in the wrong direction.

The US has been hitting around 140K a day new infections recently. Over 60K hospitalizations in one day. Death toll hit 2K in one day. The Dakotas and the upper midwest are seeing uncontrolled, catastrophic spread,. Apparently El Paso and parts of Texas are also in dire straights.

This is extremely serious.


If Trump didn’t win the election, then it’s not his problem any more, I reckon.


ATM, the places that peaked earlier in the year with both new case counts and death/hospitalizations …

Then saw both dip…

Are seeing an increased rate of new case counts…

But death/hospitalizations have remained low.

(I’m talking about individual states and counties, not the US as a whole)

My neighbors, who are really great people, but are rabid Trumpaholics, told me yesterday that the upsurge in Covid cases is due to Bidens mishandling since he’s the President elect, although at the same time they also claim Trump won the election, unbelievable.

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“Country” in the sense of “USA”, or “country” in the sense of “rural areas”?

That type of cognitive dissonance sounds like it takes effort!


The USA one, but you are also correct that the “countrified” Midwest is having the increase in cases and severity.

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This was expected.
You can’t have millions turn out to vote in the same polling places without spreading something.

In other election cycles, it was a sudden uptick in flu cases.

This is a disease with no known cure or vaccine (at this time). The purpose of the lockdowns that we have endured (and continue to endure) was to flatten the curve - slow the spread. Lockdowns weren’t intended to eliminate the virus. COVID will continue to spread, even after a vaccine is released, because that is how it works.

I expect that from now on, people will be told to get their annual COVID shot in addition to their annual flu shot.


I’ve been doing the same thing, only I didn’t start until April.

In my state the number of daily new cases is rising at an alarming rate. Deaths, hospitalizations, and ICU admissions are starting up too, although not at the same rate.

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We are doing OK on the stat that matters. Deaths are not jumping so we must have improved outcomes.


I would expect a certain lag period between positive test (which is exponentially rising) and death although treatment for the disease is no doubt improving.

I don’t know how to compare numbers anymore since I don’t think the countries are necessarily using the same criteria for labeling a death.

I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding among people of how the election works. I saw a video where the interviewer corrected the interviewee when the latter said that Biden is now president. the interviewee threatened to punch her in the face. I’m amazed at how little people know about our system.

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