Record number of justices attends Red Mass

Six of the nine Supreme Court justices attended the annual Red Mass at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington on Sunday.

Having six justices in attendance ties a record set in 2009. The only justices to not attend this year were Sonia Sotomayor and Samuel Alito, both of whom are Catholic, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is Jewish. Kagan and Breyer, both of whom were in attendance, are also Jewish.

The article mentions why Ginsburg didn’t attend. Where were Sotomayor and Alito?

When I heard about the Red Mass on CNN and that six Supreme Court justices attended, I just assumed the three who did not attend were the Jewish justices. It’s a little surprising to me that two of the Jewish justices attended the Mass while two of the Catholic justices did not.

I assumed the same. That’s weird.

Oh, and kudos to Kagan and Breyer. I think it’s cool that they attended.

What is a Red Mass?

A yearly Mass held specially for lawyers and judges. Usually at the start of the legal term (which I imagine would be about now in the US).

Who knows what other commitments Sotomayor and Alito might have had that clashed? I would think it is pretty rare for any extracurricular event to have all nine justices free and available to attend :shrug:

Are any of the justices Catholic who did attend?

The Red Mass was sponsored by the John Carroll Society.

The John Carroll Society is an organization of Catholic professionals united in their desire for an ever deepening and enriching knowledge of their Faith and in service to the Archbishop of Washington.
Red Mass petitions are for guidance from the Holy Spirit for those in government and law professions. My diocese has one every year for all those in law enforcement and government positions. It is a beautiful Mass with full attendance in the large cathedral.
This Red Mass today for the Supreme Courts Justices was especially well attended. I wish that I could read/hear the homily given.

Yes, Roberts Scalia, and Thomas are practicing Catholics. Kennedy is Catholic as well.

Well, yes. Maybe Alito and Sotomayer had something personal going on and couldn’t attend? It just seems to me that I might have knocked myself out to be in attendance…if I was a SCJ and Catholic and all.
It is good that 6 attended…a blessing.

After a rushed and busy morning…I admit that I am a little tired and a bit irritated.
Something about the Supreme Court Justices and the current state of our country doesn’t make sense to me. How can it be that 6 Catholics and 3 Jewish be seated SCJ during the steepest and deepest legal moral decline in this country? Attending a Red Mass makes perfect sense to me but all the rest is very unsettling.

speculation and gossip

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