Record of execution?


Has there been found a Roman record of Jesus’s execution? (or possibly just of “someone” named Yeshua in Jerusalem?) I seem to recall someone saying that the execution was recorded, but would like this info to refute someone who says Jesus never existed.
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From what I read no record was found. Especially since he was executed with criminals. I doubt the Sanhedrin even wanted him in the annals of history especially after claiming to be the King of the Jews. Kind of like, Jesus executed on XXXX self proclaimed King of the Jews…

There was one historical document that talked about a Jesus, but it is not proven to be our Jesus… sorry I forgot the details.


Josephus mentions him in his history.


You may find the article on “Early Historical Documents on Jesus Christ” in the Catholic Encyclopedia helpful.


I dont think the Romans would keep any record of crucifixions, because IIRC a crucified man was not just killed, he was obliviated… he became a non-entity to Roman citizens.

I cant remember where I read it, but might possibly be something of Cicero.

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Thanks all! So, another question, rather related: is there any secular records of the Apostles’ executions? Paul at least, was executed by the sword, and so he wouldn’t have been a non-entity afterward?


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