Record turnout as Americans endure long waits to vote early in 2020 election

Colorado allows voting by mail or you can take your mailing ballot and deposit in a box in front of any polling station or you can vote in person. Back before mail in voting was done, we had large numbers of polling stations…then, they started to reduce the number for economical reasons. Wait times increased dramatically and they then switched to voluntary mail in votes. It was hugely popular and they expanded it to allow everyone to vote by mail (originally, it was by request only).

We still can have very long wait times for those that choose to vote in person since we only have a few polling stations. At least it is their own choice to risk the long lines. They have stayed open longer than listed to make sure anyone in line by the cutoff time does get to vote.

Our ballots are filled out and will be mailed Sunday evening or Monday morning. I will take them directly to our PO as it’s close and easy.

I voted today. The place nearest my house had 2 hours waits, so we drove further to the country fairgrounds and the wait was about 30-40 minutes.

It is the longest I’ve ever had to wait for early voting except for when I went the Saturday before election day.

I voted Tuesday. No wait.

We have always been set up for the possibility of equipment failure, so when everything is working, we have twice the number of needed machines. There were more poll workers than voters.

The only oddity was there were no public lavatories or drinking fountains due to flushing from that brain-eating amoeba, but after a multitude of disaster declarations this year, I was impressed how well things ran.

Count your blessings !

No public restroom should be allowed unless it has those ultraviolet/virus killing lights.

Public restrooms are death chambers imo

Enter the said the spider to the fly.

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I will be so glad when this election is over. I have never been so hurt as I have this year by nastiness. May everyone have a more pleasant experience than I have. Just vote and stop ripping others apart that do not agree.

And are you trying to say there is no opportunity for an absentee ballot at all? because I think every state has the opportunity for those who know they will be absent on voting day to vote absentee. I voted in my state every year I was in the service by absentee ballot and back in those days all voting was in person and at polling place on Election Day.

Of course now we have mail in voting and this year even prepaid postage because those who couldn’t bother to make it to a polling place on election Day also can’t seem to find a stamp or the energy enough to walk to a library a courthouse or other convenient ballot drop off location. And in my mind and experience this 100% vote by mail is not as secure as what they try to claim and it isn’t problem free as they claim either.

I know there are issues with it some issues are big some are small but it is not perfect by a long shot

Not the same as Early Voting. Early Voting means going “in person” to vote before Nov 3rd.

Every State has absentee voting which you have to apply for in most cases.

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