Recording in Confession


This is a rather unusual question, but, nevertheless:

Is it wrong for a penitent to record his/her own confession? The penitent may want to review the priest’s advice, or to see how he/she can confess better next time. Is there anything wrong with doing this? Does it tamper with the seal of confession?


BAD PLAN! :eek:


In many states it is ilegal to record any conversations without every persons consent.
Do not tape---- take a small notepad to make notes for yourself if you must.


I agree that it is not a good idea. The Holy Spirit is working through that certain priest in that moment to bring forgiveness. You should focus more on trying not to sin than how you confess your sins.


I would certainly discuss this with the priest before doing so. I don’t see how it would break the seal of confession since it is done by the penitent, who is not bound by the seal. Taking notes during or immediately afterwards may serve the intended purpose, however, and help to better preserve the secrecy of the confession.



Yes, it is wrong. Consider:

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in order to protect the sanctity of the sacrament of Penance and in order to defend the rights of ministers and Christian faithful within the same sacrament regarding the sacramental seal and secrecy connected to Confession, in virtue of the special faculty conferred by the Supreme Apostolic Authority of the Church (can. 30), has determined that:

…anyone who by means of any technical device makes a recording of what the priest or the penitent says in a Sacramental Confession (either real or simulated) by oneself or by another person, or who divulges it through the means of social communication, incurs excommunication latae sententiae



What if the recording fell into someones hands ( and don’t think that can’t happen ), wouldn’t that cause grave scandle and be a great embarrasement besides? What your priest says is absolutely for you only, no one else. I don’t know if it breaks the seal or not but I would say you would be demonstrating that you are very immature and thoughtless and not to be trusted with any kind of confidence.



Hi Facite,

You’re probably better served getting a spiritual director and taking notes during a monthly meeting. As others have noted, that could arguably be against the law without the priest’s consent.


Methinks that if Fr. has words of wisdom you want to preserve, this would be better in a meeting of spiritual direction, and not in confession.

And whatever you do, do not do it without his consent.



Ya -not permitted-very very very bad:


Yikes. I turn my phone completely off out of fear that someone will accidentally hear. I can’t imagine recording it.

Of course, now that I think about it, I probably could record my confession and just play it back to the priest every time I go :blush:


Absolutely not. This is one of those things you can be automatically excommunicated for.


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