Records smashed. It's the East Coast’s warmest ever Christmas Eve


Records smashed. It’s the East Coast’s warmest ever Christmas Eve.


Does anyone know what the forecast is for winter 2015-2016? Especially for the Northeast?


And here we’re having the most snow in December than we’ve had for quite a few years!

We were nervous about a low snowpack again - looks like there are no worries now. :smiley:


I’m in the Vancouver area for Christmas and New Year. It’s only +4C. Back home near Montreal, it is +18C!!! Craziness! I thought coming out west for two weeks would allow me to escape a bit of Quebec winter, but instead I escaped spring to chase winter across the continent!!!

I read in the Montreal news that some golf courses even opened, while the ski resorts are all practically shut.


I’ve see AccuWeather and Weather Underground are predicting a mild winter for the Northeast, perhaps as mild as 1998-99, thanks to El Nino.

The buds at the top of my star magnolia are opening, as are some lilac buds.


Here it has been in the 70s and 60s. But Sat Sun and Monday we expect snow. It has been about 20 year since we had a White Christmass. .


Since I have to drive 380 miles round trip tomorrow to see my family for Christmas, I am loving this. Lake effect snow and icy roads would make the trip miserable.


Us too. The mountains are covered, and we also were in a drought. However, I grew up in Cleveland Ohio and my mom remembered when she was a girl, maybe in the 1920s or earlier a high of 75 on Christmas Day! Probably the East Coast will get smashed in January. I know we had a very mild winter last year. Flowers were blooming in January!


Yeah, this weather is far too warm.

It’s thrown a wrench into my gifts because one of the items that I am giving my
wife is a fur coat :eek:


Maybe she could donate it to me? :smiley:

But then, someone might mistake me for a bear. There is a downside to wearing fur.


Is it cold where you’re at Bonnie? Here in the South it’s unbearably warm, but NYE it’s supposed to be colder so hopefully she can wear her new fur coat then.


Oh yeah. It’s not the coldest we’ve experienced here, but it hasn’t been over freezing for over a week - and no warmth in the near future. I’m waiting for our annual dip to zero or below. That’s always interesting - and I’m grateful it’s rarely more than a week. :slight_smile:


I’d love to have some of that cold weather here! Now I’m afraid of looking like a clown on Christmas when my wife gets her silverfox fur coat, and it’s 70 degrees out. :stuck_out_tongue:


So much for the argument that shifts in weather patterns is a fallacy!


So much for getting a white Christmas. :sad_yes:


Hey I’m not complaining about the warm weather. The low heating bills are worth it. That added to the fact that winter has hung on until almost the end of May for the last 3 Winters makes this weather very welcome! :smiley:


We are having a green Christmas this year in Wisconsin! We ALWAYS have snow; it is so weird!


I lived most my life in NW Oregon - we never had snow for Christmas. Here we always have some snow. When we get a lot - as we have now - I feel like I’m in Narnia. :snowing:


An old farmer once told me that a normal year is the average of 10 abnormal years. We need to wait for a few hundred years to gather enough data to draw a conclusion. A few years ago we had a serious drought year. This year we had the wettest June and the wettest summer on record. For our last two winters we had one with record cold and another with record snow. We are due for a warm winter, and now is as good a time as any.


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