Recount latest: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada


Here is the latest on all the recounts


Thanks for the link on the latest. I appreciate it.


As a citizen of the state of Michigan, I am appalled by this stunt. Stein will cost the people of this state millions of dollars. We’re paying for her count. She barely got 1% of the total vote, she has no grounds for claiming that any purpose-drive shenanigans ever occurred, and, if Stein’s three ring circus prevents the Michigan electors from doing their duty, she and her miserable little political party will be stealing our votes. I want my vote counted as-is without nefarious interference. She has no standing and is taking advantage of a flaw in Michigan law. She plays, we pay.The whole effort is a con game.The millions we will shell out would be better spent in fixing up the water situation in Flint or for Detroit Public Schools. Shame on Jill Stein and the Green Party.


But there are still counting the millions of absentee ballots for the first time. Funny how they are concentrated in CA, WA, and NY.

No absentees from WI, MI, PA, and NV?


Well said. :thumbsup:


who are the people who recount the votes? volunteers? do they have to take an oathe or something promising to honestly count the votes?
if Jill Stein had come in a close third I could possibly seen a reason for a recount, but she wasn’t even close. In my opinion this makes her look petty and foolish.


Actually these are good questions. The only details I’ve ever seen on this were pictures of them counting those ambiguous votes in the 2000 Florida recount. There were three judges at each station.


I am pretty sure they are paid, but in any event, we live in a time when electors who break their pledge for the electoral college are honored. There’s nothing to stop the recounters from substituting their own current opinion for any pledge they took when they were hired.

This is the world we are gradually moving into. We live on the momentum of the past, when honesty was admired, and we take for granted that jurors will be honest, judges will be honest, doctors will honor their oath, and many other pledges will be honored; and for now, pledges usually are honored.



The legislature is as well. But they just passed a bill requiring anyone candidate who lost by more than 5% to pay all the costs. It looks like it will be inclusive of the current recount


People on the left should have been looking to the future because these swing states will remember this four years from now.


When the election is close, I would presume they’d need to get on that right away. If it’s a landslide win, like CA, WA, and NY, then they aren’t in as big of a hurry to get it done.


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