Recovering from surgery, homebound, and dispensed from Mass attendance


Just a bit of whining on my part here: I had back surgery on the 11th, and my parish priest told me I was dispensed from Mass attendance until I recover enough to be able to attend in reasonable comfort. I'm in a back brace, sitting hurts (and was discouraged by my neurosurgeon,) and I actually had my husband move the computer to the breakfast bar so I could stand and use the computer (standing and walking was encouraged by my doctor.)

On Christmas Eve, our deacon, bless him, brought me Holy Communion. Otherwise, I've been watching Mass on TV. I can tell you this--it feels as if I'm watching a family eat a holiday meal, instead of being there myself (in fact, on Christmas, I ate a Stouffer's turkey dinner while Skyping my family at their Christmas dinner at a town about three hours from here.)

Just whining, I suppose. I know I'm not sinning by not being able to attend Mass, and I'm trying to do my best here, but believe me, it just ain't the same thing!


I'm sure there are plenty of other prayers you can do at home.

I pray for your swift recovery.


I’ll join Constantine in praying for your recovery odile53.

Be thankful you have someone to help you at home :wink:


It brings to mind the occasion when St. Gerard Majella was deprived of Holy Communion and even declined to assist a priest at the Mass saying he might snatch Our Lord from his hands. Consider making Acts of Spiritual Communion of which there are many versions and carries a partial indulgence. St Jean-Marie Vianney approves this: "If we are deprived of Sacramental Communion, let us replace it, as far as we can, by spiritual communion." Moreover the Will of God is worth consenting to as He surely has His reasons for everything. Prayers to you!


You guys are right, of course: I've been praying the Liturgy of the Hours, but I've been doing this for years, as well as a rosary daily. I added a second rosary for some folks I met on the rehab floor who were also recovering from the same surgery. Before I went in for surgery I treated myself to a few Kindle books for spiritual reading, and if nothing else, I have time for more meditation.

Preoperatively, I set up the house so I could be as independent as possible. Most of the stuff from cupboards is on the kitchen table, the trash barrel is right outside the door so I just have to do a "bombs away" with the trash, and I'm getting pretty handy and dextrous with using a reacher.

I had gone to an Annointing of the Sick celebration a few days before surgery, and while I know I received excellent care, I also credit the Sacrament for what my neurosurgeon describes as an impressive recovery. So yeah, I am grateful. Very grateful.

My husband is only home on the weekends, and I do have an aide coming in three days a week for housework and to be around to help me shower. I am grateful, when I think about it. But I really do miss being able to worship with my parish, and I guess I just needed to whine about it a little--waaahhh! Thanks for your patience and support in listening, and really, thank you for your prayers!


There have been times when I was unable to attend Mass, and you’re right, it’s tough and not the same. I said a prayer that your recovery continues to be quick so you can get back to Mass soon!


I'm praying for your speedy recovery and thanking God that you are doing so well.

As my Priest told me when I was recovering from a bad case of West Nile Fever..God love you...He knows your and get well. I hated the times I had to miss Mass as well. Even with all of the resources we have available to us it's just not the same as being in His presence.


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