Recovering Wounds from Sin

I just wanted to know that is it alright to feel a bit sad and guilty after commiting a sin and confessing. I’m looking at it as that I am truly penitent and sorrowful that I did it yet I want to know if it is normal. It is a pain yet has eased and keeps easing yet I want to know if other people experience this. Please help.

I have experienced this as well. After committing a grievous sin,the feeling of guilt was overwhelming.After receiving forgiveness through Reconciliation,the guilt persisted for several years. It was only after hearing a homily by Cardinal Dolan,during Lent a few years ago,that I was able to accept God’s mercy,still feel regret for my sin but not agonize over it. His homily was a comparison between Peter and Judas and the way they responded to Christ’s forgiveness after they each had betrayed him. Peter trusted in God’s mercy and had" resplendent reparation", whereas,Judas,didn’t believe he was forgiven and suffered" ruinous remorse" I hope this helps you in your healing journey.:slight_smile:

It is totally normal to still have regrets about sin. There can also be temporal effects to deal with, such as reparations to be made when we hurt others. We are absolved after confession but that does not automatically erase the earthly results of our sin.

Every time I go to Mass and look at the cross, and see the representation of our precious Lord I cry inside for my sins. :frowning:

I think, as Catholics, we should disregard/pay little attention to how something “feels”.

Think of St. Teresa of Ávila who “felt” dryness in her prayer life for something like 18 years – if she had paid attention to her feelings, she may have left the convent and not became the great Saint, mystic and Doctor of the Church that she did become.

Naturally, it is normal to feel sorrow for sin, and this is good
– just don’t let it go to the next level where you either have excessive scruples, or worse, question the mercy of God.

Purgatory will be for working out any temporal punishment due to our confessed sins.

That’s my 2¢


Thanks for sharing this; it’s very valuable for all of stuck in a guilt phase sometimes.

I think regret is one thing; but you must forgive yourself. For the One we must sinned against has forgiven us, our own forgiveness is not bigger than His. Let it go. My priest told me it is normal to have these thoughts, and that is the remnant of sin.

God bless you,

Although we are not to operate in “guilt” conviction surely feels the same way as well as to have a little fear as to what your sin might have unleashed in the natural… So, the fact is that you are forgiven and washed so far as the Lordis concerned but our “feelings” of remorse often remain. Just don’t let them define you…

Thank you for your valuable information, with Gods love, our sin and guilt may be washed away so that we may begin a new life with God. Thank you everyone for the information, I wanted to know if I wasn’t alone on this.

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