Recs for good books, movies, etc?

I went to the local Christian book store today and was So disappointed to not even find the New American Bible…and I couldn’t find any decent books written by reputable Catholic writers or study guides! So, I will be making my purchases online. I will do my browsing and my research, but could you please share with my your favorite ‘study guide’ for the Bible (such as books about the men and women of the Bible, Jesus himself, or even books about priests’ lives, but definitely…I need a nightly Bible study guide to use at home).

Next, what do your kids watch? My 5 year old watched “Jesus of Nazareth” on the History Channel on Easter, and was entranced. She watched ALL it, and said at the end, Jesus was talking to her :smiley: She wants to see it again, but I would like something a little more kid friendly…have suggestions? Suggestions about a movie about His life, Hiis death, and resurrection? The cartoons don’t hold her attention.

Finally, Gregorian chant CD’s? Have a favorite?



Get the movie “Jesus,” which was produced a few decades ago by Campus Crusade for Christ. You should be able to get a free copy of the movie from Campus Crusade (google them). If you want to pay, I’m sure it can be ordered online.

It’s a wonderful movie, and there is an adorable scene where Jesus and a little girl communicate. Your little one will love that scene.

It’s like watching a Bible story book come to life. Lots of Jesus’s parables and miracles.

This movie has been shown to millions of people all over the world. I’ve heard stats about how it is the most translated movie in history, etc., but not sure how accurate those stats are.

Nothing anti-Catholic about it that I remember, although you might want to do a preview before letting your child watch it. The Jesus in the movie is masculine and friendly-looking. Peter is a big burly guy, just the way I imagine Peter looked.

The crucifixion scene is realistic but not graphic, and the resurrection scene is very nice.

Try it!

Also, if you can find any of the “Jillybean” videos, they have some great songs for children. Jillybean was a girl from my childhood church (Conference Baptist) who was sexually abused by a man in our church while she was growing up. She lost her faith for a while, then got it back again and decided to start a ministry for children. She dresses up like a little girl and uses puppets and funny songs to communicate the Gospel to the kids.

I haven’t watched them since becoming Catholic, but I don’t think they’re anti-Catholic. Just pro-Jesus. The songs are hilarious. My younger daughter is now 21, and she says that the only reason she remembers the Ten Commandments is because of Jillybean’s great song, “The Perfect Ten.” As a musician, I like her songs because they are melodic, not just “bouncy”, and kids are encouraged to not just listen, but sing along.

It might take a search to try to find the videos, but I’m sure they’re somewhere online. If you can’t find them, write to Jillybean, c/o/ Temple Baptist Church, 3215 E. State St., Rockford, IL, 61107. I’m sure they could find some copies for you.

As for Bible study guide, I like “The Word Among Us,” which is a devotional booklet that many Catholic churches sell in their foyer. I’m not sure if that’s heavy enough for you. It’s definitely a quickie study, but very good if you have a busy life raising a family.

Go see the movie if it is still in theaters…Amazing Grace.

It was amazing! I guarantee you will learn and like it.
I also recommend Terese…which is now on DVD

And an oldie I like is the Scarlet and the Black with Gregory Peck.

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