Recurring visits from a Jehovah Witness pair

So some time ago (~ 6 months), 2 JWs (women 50+) knocked on my door and we had a nice quick visit.

They dropped by again about 2 months later, and have been doing this ever since. The came by yesterday and will be back in August.

Today, the bulk of our discussion was after I asked them what about Catholicism they disagree with. The first thing that came to their mind is the Trinity. At the end of the conversation, the topic of the Eucharist came up and they said, “we have different opinions there too”.

They knew scripture quite well - at least the verses to make the points that they wanted to make.

I did take their 2 booklets and when they return, I do intent to show them a more accurate Catholic approach to those topics.

Edit: one lady came from a Protestant background; the other lady was Jewish.

They know the pertinent verses, albeit there are many of them to back up their beliefs, but many of them don’t know scripture well at all. They know enough to get the average person thinking… But, I’ve seen many encounters will well versed Catholics and they end up getting very uncomfortable and leaving. So good luck.

I would advise researching online their core beliefs and their issues they have with the Eucharist, the Trinity, and the Catholic Church in general to be more prepared.

Search the CA Shop for “Beginning Apologetics”. The whole series is a good basic course in defending the Catholic faith. Volume 2.5 particularly deals with JWs.

As an ex-JW, I personally think you are wasting you’re time.

The JW’s are not calling on you because they are interested in Catholicism, or because they want to hear what you have to say. They are calling on you because they want to recruit you into their ranks, and the fact that they have called back is an indication they believe you are someone who is receptive to their message. Placing literature with someone is something they see as a sign the person is interested in their teachings, despite any insistence on your part to the contrary.

JW’s are also greatly discouraged from calling with people who can make a good defense for their faith. If you do this when they return, it may be the last you see of them because they will realize they are fighting a loosing battle. It is also likely they will come away from your door believing they made a good defense for their faith, gave you really good answers and used their scriptures well despite what you may say.

JW’s will also call on anyone who takes their literature and engages them in Iconversation due to the fact that they are usually met with at best apathy, if not outright antagonism. They don’t encounter a lot of ‘interested people,’ or have a lot of what they call ‘good calls.’ t is also their practice to make a record of you’re name and address as an ‘interested party,’ if you engage them in discussion and accept literature. They fill out written ‘reports’ every month, stating how many hours they engaged in door-to-door work, how much literature they placed and how many ‘return visits’ they make. It doesn’t look good if you haven’t placed any literature or don’t have any ‘return visits’ to write on your report. The greatest achievement in the JW’s is establishing a regular bible study with someone and getting them to the meetings. If you get baptized into the JW’s people loose interest because you’re sorted. Meaning, when they get someone willing to talk to them and take literature they are inclined to hang onto them. When I was a JW, names of people who would invite you into your home and make you tea were kept for days when it was raining which happens quite a lot in Ireland. :smiley:

The only way you’re likely to make any headway with a JW to me, is if they having doubts anyway. They won’t admit that, but who knows, one of your ladies may be having doubts and you may plant a seed that could grow. It’s your call whether you think it’s worthwhile or not. I just wanted to let you know how they operate so you can make an informed decision as to how you approach it.

And pray a rosary for your intentions with them.

Minkymurph has a valid observation. One of my relatives is regularly visited by JWs. She is strong enough in faith I don’t think there’s any chance she’ll convert. However, she does accept the booklets (too polite to refuse). Even though they’re in a language I don’t know, they are easy enough to recognize (same format as English, still says “Watchtower” in the copyright) and I just throw them out when I see them.

I wonder how they recorded their visit to me: They drove their car down the driveway but my shepherd-lab mix (who is usually mild-mannered) took an instant dislike to them and jumped up on the car door barking her head off. I grabbed the dog’s collar and told the lady “sorry” and asked if she wanted to come out but she wouldn’t. She did roll the window down slightly and give me a Watchtower through the window. She did not come back. I’m guessing that counted as “literature distributed, fingers still intact.”

I’m not sure knocking on doors un-announced is a great strategy for reaching people.

The reality is a lot of people do accept literature because they are too polite to refuse rather than because they are actually interested. They called at my house one day when I was out, I’m pretty sure they knew I would be out, and got my other half. The only reason he spoke to them is because he knew the couple who called and likes them. Being a cynic I thought this was another strategic move. Other JW’s he didn’t know had called when he was in and didn’t engage them at all. They asked him to take the Watchtower and he told them there was no point in leaving it because no one would read it. However, they persevered and he ended up taking it out of politeness. When I got home they went straight into the re-cycling bin. I know what the Watchtower is about so I don’t need to read it.

It’s not. People today have busy lives and they don’t like unannounced visitors. Particularly if they are there to tell them something they don’t want to hear.

A big dog is a great deterrent. They actually do record things like ‘big dog’ in their notes and I’ve seen many a Watchtower or booklet savaged beyond recognition. :smiley: They have a list of ‘do not call’s.’ They don’t call at my door anymore because I’m on the blacklist as an apostate.

I don’t open my door to them. I’m not being rude. I’m just not comfortable with debating religion. I respect their beliefs and only ask the same in return.

Hi, As long as you greet them and allow them in your house they will return. You see the JW’s have a monthly log with a point system to show that they are preaching the Gospel that they turn in to the JW elders. I also had a lady JW that seemed very nice come to my door over a few weeks, but once I told her that I wouldn’t be converting she never returned.

Well, it might not be the best “Catholic” approach, but I simply answered the door in my underwear after getting out of the shower (I like to air dry :D). They haven’t been back. This approach might not be for everyone though :wink:

They don’t like it when you start sprinkling holy water on them from the font beside the front door while reciting the Nicene Creed. :smiley:

Is that like exorcism? Do you have to say the Creed in Latin? :smiley:

I agree - I think their practices date from a much earlier age. If I was working in the field, I might be glad of a break to discuss religion :smiley: Today, it’s just a nuisance.

They completely ignore “no soliciting” signs.

For some reason, I get a lot of local Bible churches as well, though if you ask them not to return they don’t.

They don’t call at my door anymore because I’m on the blacklist as an apostate.

Hey, that’s a good strategy…perhaps I should tell them I’m a former JW who left their church :smiley: Alas, that would be lying.

After giving them the :signofcross:, hitting them with the holy water, I did not make it past the second or third sentance before they were gone. you would have thought one of them were going to burst into flames.

That reminds me of how my former pastor described his handling of missionaries (all sorts). He leads them to his library, which is filled with books on the Faith, parks his (large) dog across the door and excuses himself for a few minutes. When he comes back (fully willing to have a full conversation, naturally), they can’t seem to excuse themselves fast enough.


It also wouldn’t work because if you tell them that, they’ll be dying to get you back. You have to meet their ‘person to avoid because they’re bad association’ criterion.

Going to their meetings for a while and openly telling them they’re wrong on a regular basis would do it. I actually know someone who used to do that they asked her not to come back. They even stopped giving her their literature because she was only using it to ‘attack the organization.’ However, it’s a bit extreme. :smiley:

I used to have visits all the time from the JWs. But when I put the Blessed Mother on my front door, they never visited again.

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