Red Bull Is Disgusting. And It Perfectly Captures Why Capitalism Is So Great

I shall tell you even more.
I regret that before in one way or another I contributed with my thoughts for the promotion of socialism.
I am even afraid that history can repeat itself and the horrers of past centuries can come back again, and they can start again from Kremlin.

I’ve never actually tried any of those drinks. My youngest son, though, lived on them when studying for final exams. lol

However pickling is an ancient and a natural practice and science has shown that vinegars are essential for high function good gut bacterias. It’s the same with Vegemite, marmite etc. They were devised as a way of getting important Vitamins into children back in the day.

Things like Red Bull and Coke have no health function at all. They function only as a recreational drug essentially.

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I am on Red Bull #2 of the day right now.

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Just so you know…Fr. Heinrich Pesch, the world’s greatest Catholic economist and a major source for Pope Pius XI’s encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, called capitalism “state sponsored usury”.

I just remembered: my old elementary school had “lunch moms,” basically, volunteer moms that would watch us when we ate lunch and played at recess while the teachers had their lunch breaks. One day, I saw one of those moms drinking a Red Bull and I had no idea what an energy drink was at the time, but the can had a unique shape and so I thought it was beer because beer tends to come in interesting cans. I think I told one of the teachers once that I saw Mrs. so and so drinking beer at lunch, but I am not sure if anything came of that.


Oh Annie! Annie! Cucumbers are one of God’s main gifts to mankind, especially these little sweet ones that come from the Middle East. They’re as delightful as the smell of new-mown grass, and just as refreshing.

For your own sake, think it out some more. :slight_smile:


Actually, I was just pointing out that different people like different things and it’s not really nice to call something others like to eat “disgusting” just because you don’t like it or approve of it.

And most pickles nowadays are made in distilled vinegar with a lot of salt, so they are not all that great for you either :wink:

I was just responding in the spirit of the thread which was “Red Bull is Disgusting…”

i like red bull. I volunteer at a hospital, and we get an allowance per day, and I buy a redbull before work, because it is quicker to drink than hot coffee

Argh! Not my best moment… :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

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Marmite and Vegemite. Yummmmmm… I just had a grilled Vegemite sandwich and a cup of tomato soup.

Original Red Bull tastes like cough syrup. Ugh… the cranberry flavor isn’t too bad.

Monster was okay until they started putting sucralose in it. Nasty stuff.

My all-time favorite is Jolt Cola. I wish I could still find it.

Cracker Barrel usually has it, (along with several other colas that time has forgot) in their country store.

Oh, my family are from Eastern Europe. Pickled cucumbers are practically one of the five food groups for a lot of us :slight_smile:


I like Monster Energy Drinks I hope that doesn’t mean I have excepted the Mark of the Beast… :scream:

Head spins vomits pea soup…

I like their Java line especially Irish Cream but otherwise their Original and Loco Mango are good.

I try not to drink them because I already have a caffeine addiction and once I start drinking energy drinks it’s hard to stop and then you have withdrawal symptoms plus they’re kind of on the expensive side.

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Australians generally don’t like drinks that are cherry flavoured because that was the choice for most medicines back in the day!

Probably also because most parts of the country aren’t suitable for growing cherries, so most “cherry” flavouring is artificial - and tastes like it.

The catch, as implicit in one point mentioned only briefly in the 2:25 mark, is that psychology is ultimately dependent on physics.

And that’s where the whole argument falls apart.

I often hear that Red Bull isn’t healthy. I think it is healthier than a car wreck.

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