Red Dawn remake

What do you all think of the Red Dawn remake? Personally, I think the origional is great, I like the story. I’m a bit afraid this re-make will be ruined because there going to cram PC bias in it. According to what I’ve read online, one of the female characters will be an asian-american cheerleader, and another will be african-american. Thats not a bad thing in and of itself,I can see how it could be used to demonstrate the diversity of people in this country and how we’re all American, it just seems a little forced, not to mention, in the origional, the two female characters were sisters. And I don’t think they went to the high school, as “cheerleader” seems to imply. Why change a thing? From what it seems to me,the characters will all have the same names, but different backgrounds. Like Jed, the leader, is now a former marine back from Iraq. In the orgional he was a high school senior on the football team. Why change the characters? A remake shouldn’t be about cramming left-wing bias into the script and changing the characters. It should be about telling the same story again with the same characters but made relevent to the time period. The invaders will be the Chinese later joined by the Russians. it will be over oil, and there will “be hints that the US is partly to blame”. Thats rediculous. America is always the cause of everything wrong in the world isn’t it? In the origional the Russians were portrayed as the villians and the Americans the heros. They better not make America some PC anti-hero type portrayal, America isn’t perfect, but we are not the cause of all the worlds problems. The origional Red Dawn was blatantly patriotic and it wasn’t afraid to show it. The new Jed better not have some revelation about his time in Iraq and have a new found symphathy for the terrorists there. Speaking of which, why can’t a movie about Iraq or Afganistan be patriotic? Why can’t they show the good we do over there? Like showing some soldiers stop some women from getting executed by the Taliban? Anyway, parts of it have eased some of my fears, but now I’m afraid that they’ll ruin it with PC, liberal bias. The things I like about the origional, was that it emphasized the importance of private gun ownership, self-reliance, and it wasn’t afraid to portray communism as evil. And it is, the Church agrees with that. But most of all, it was about kids my age (I’m 15), fighting the invading communists, comon. But I don’t want the remake to mess with these themes. Honestly, I’m not sure how this would be as relevent to todays generation, I mean China could be a threat in the future, but in the 80s, such a scinario with the Soviets seemed real. Also, if the new Jed is a veteran, that could ruin some of it. In the origional, they were all just a bunch of high schoolers with no military experience or training at all until they met that downed pilot. If he’s a veteran, that part of the story wouldn’t seem to make much sense. But enough of my opinion, what do you all think?

(edit) oh yeah, I forgot Former second unit director Dan Bradley from the Bourne movies will be directing. He says he’ll use the same shakey handheld camera style. That better not ruin it either. I don’t like that camera style at all. It doesn’t immerse me, it’s just stupid and detracts from the film. I want to see everything clearly. I like the Bourne movies, but still.

I also heard there going to remake The Karate Kid, it’s going to be called The Kung-Fu Kid. Why do they have to ruin perfectly good movies? Why aren’t there any origional ideas in Hollywood today? It’s all remakes and sequals.

I agree that it seems like they can’t come up with a good original idea too much these days … Adaptations of books, sequels (most of which fail to deliver the charm that we loved in the original), and re-makes …

And I also don’t think that Red Dawn is a good one for ‘re-make’… The political climate is different now (within the US and internationally), and they’re just going to muck up what was a reasonably good (though now dated) story. (And those listed changes just cement putting this film in the “must miss” category.)

I must have been about 10 (or younger) when I first saw this movie. It was really intense, and I didn’t get all of it at first, but I could pick up on the resistance of the foreign invader, and the whole spirit of patriotism.

They don’t need to remake the movie. If anything, just rewrite part of the script and change the name. That’s what happens anyway when they remake movies, it turns into something totally different from the original.

I am looking forward to it. Will be nice with the new movie budgets and effects to see how much “bigger” the war will seem.

I don’t think making sequels to this sort of movie is off limits. I mean, sorry to denigrate it, but it ain’t Citizen Kane

Jed: "So who IS on our side?"
Col. Tanner: “600 million screaming chinamen"
Jed:” I thought there were a billion screaming chinamen"
Tanner: “There were”

The original had a gritty near reality feel to it. Of course there were bits of propaganda (the commies name the specific gun registration form) but all in all it was a very good movie. I was in my first year of college when it came out and those of you who were born after about 1972 will find it hard to understand but back then there was a real feeling that the balloon could go up at anytime.

The Soviets were not cookie cutter bad guys like in the movies, the Soviets in the 1980’s were the real deal, straight from the devil. People in what the liberal elite call the ‘fly-over states’ had plans to deal with issues like what was shown in the movie.

You cannot recapture that today. Today is more about a evil just as great but it is a less visible evil. Also, back in 1984 Ronald Reagan was president and everyone knew that he would protect America and defeat the commies, and he did along with Bush 41, JPII and Margaret Thatcher, whereas today our leadership is much less pro-America and much less likely to go to the mattresses with the bad guys.

Speaking of remakes, seems Warner Bros. wants to remake The Wild Bunch. Like Red Dawn, some movies should be left alone.

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