Red Envelope Project


great idea (imho), sending empty envelopes to Obama to protest abortion…


Thanks for the reminder. :thankyou:

We sent one, for every member of our immediate family. 767,651 sent… so far. I hope they all land DIRECTLY on the desk in the Oval Office. :sad_yes:


Great idea! :heart: :stuck_out_tongue:


I posted to that on the other thread. LOL

I would love to see the look one their faces! Actually, since some envelopes did go out earlier, Washington was surprised at the reaction is what I read. Imagine the surprise when they receive all the new ones being mailed on the 31st!

All my Protestant friends are doing this. Others who have ministries and internet radio shows have announced it, others have put it on their Blogs, websites, etc…

Seems a few people I know were under the impression that it was just for Catholics. Even those who are normally pro-choice (of people I know) are horrified at the thought of there being no restriction on partial birth abortion. I hope many more join in. It’s a great non violent way to let your objections be heard! :thumbsup:


People were taking these by the handfuls at our parish to pass out to friends and relatives. I mailed mine yesterday morning.

Also, my husband and I called our Congressman and Senators to protest against the FOCA and my husband received a letter from our Representative assuring us that he was pro-life and would vote against the bill if it came before the Congress. So someone is listening to us.


only two days to go, do you have your envelope ready to mail?


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