Red heifer born in Israel

A red heifer was born in Israel on August 28 2018. It has all recommendations for the tenth heifer to be sacrificed when 3 years old, but could get a blemish over time so in three months rabbis will come back to examine the calf for blemish. If no blemish can be found and is the tenth heifer that will be prepared by the supposed “Messiah” for sacrificed. Then what does it mean for the Catholic Church? End times anyone or something else?



i see paddocks full of red heifers , some with blemishes and some without.

although now there is a bad drought, the red heifer count will diminish and people will just have to eat cake…

but israel is not making sacrifices anymore, didn’t they stop when the temple was destroyed in 70AD?


see now this is just a normal red coloured calf.

How uncommon are red heifers anyway? Is there a special definition that applies to sacrificial heifers that excludes ordinary ones?

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its a very cute calf, but its very common , its a breed

check out the cutie on film

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then you got all these red cows

they are breeding them.

I seen the video it’s a very cute cow

ok so no end of the world this week, sorry

dont quit work or school!


I know :rofl: it’s very cute just it lives a full life instead living a half life poor cow

Absolutely nothing.

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it means lots of red angus heifers for roast lunch on whatever day people eat roast lunch in Israel :slight_smile:

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Though we don’t know the day or the hour (Matt 25:13), still gets a :grinning: from me.

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lol yes, thank you for correcting me. I must go and confess my presumptuousness now!

If God wills the end of the world it will happen this week. But still, don’t quit work or school in the hope you won’t have to do that assignment or exam :slight_smile:

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I’m not a person who believes we are in the end times. I only said that because a lot of Christians are saying that this is begin of rebuilding of the third temple. It would be nice to see the Jewish temple rebuilded without the end times happening.

If you know anything about the politics of the region, you’d know that the end times would basically be the inevitable consequence of trying to rebuild the Temple…


What I trying to say it would be nice to see the temple but the Muslims would not just let them because the dome of the rock. The temple institute just wants the temple institute wants a red heife so they want biblical purity for the Jewish poeple

Jesus said, “no one knows the day nor hour, not the angels, nor even the Son, but only the Father in heaven.”

That verse should be memorized by every Catholic and recited every time we hear this sort of thing.

Live your life as if today was your last day on earth; because it might just be.

Deacon Christopher

Ah, but do the citizens of the State of Israel want biblical purity for themselves?

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