Red Sea Crossing


Is there any truth to the hypothesis that Moses lead the Israelites through the Red Sea crossing at Nuweiba Beach (lower Sinai Peninsula) in the Gulf of Aqaba, and into Arabia? I can’t seem to find any more valuable or scholarly information with regards to the possible Egyptian chariot wheels being found underwater at Nuweiba Beach either. I had never heard of this Exodus Route theory priory to viewing the video “The Exodus Revealed.”

I know the location of the Exodus Route/Red Sea Crossing has always been up for debate. Honestly, for someone like me who is skeptical of “questionable” hypotheses by nature, I am not sure if I believe that the coral formations there are actually Egyptian chariot wheels. I don’t know much about the formation of coral to begin with.

Interesting nonetheless.

Also I’m not sure if this thread belongs in this subforum or General Apologetics, but sorry if it’s the incorrect area.


After 3000 years underwater anything metal or wood is likely gone, even 100 year old metal ships are barely recognizable let alone a 3000 year old wheel.

I know one theory is that the crossing was at the wetlands of the northern delta in the “Reed Sea”. It seems like a much more probable hypothesis to me.

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