Redbook magazine endorses hedonistic sex

**[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=]Redbook magazine endorses hedonistic sex[/size]

[/FONT]**[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=]**If you subscribe to Redbook, call and ask that your subscription be cancelled immediately.

**[/size][/FONT] Redbook has become the new Playgirl. The sex advice they are giving throws all traditional values out the window and encourages a pagan, hedonistic lifestyle.

Recently, Marcia Segelstein wrote a guest column for I plead with you to read her article. It will open your eyes to what our children and teens are facing in a culture swimming in the moral sewer. After you read the article, please take the suggested action. Redbook operates on the philosophy that parents and grandparents don’t care enough to get involved.

I urge you to spend a little time on Redbook’s Web site at Click on the “Love Life” section.

								    										 											**Take Action**


*]Send an e-mail to Redbook expressing your complete disgust with the magazine.
*]Redbook is owned by Hearst Corporation. If you subscribe to Redbook, call and ask that your subscription be cancelled immediately. Demand a refund for the unused part of your subscription. If you subscribe to any of the other Hearst magazines, ask for a number to call to cancel that subscription. The number to call to cancel your subscription is 1-800-888-0008. The address: Hearst Customer Service • P.O. Box 7190 • Red Oak, Iowa 51591.
*]Forward this to friends and family and ask them to participate.[/LIST] Here is a list of Hearst magazines:

Country Living
Good Housekeeping
Harper’s BAZAAR
House Beautiful
Marie Claire
O at Home
O, The Oprah Magazine
Popular Mechanics
Quick & Simple
Town & Country
Town & Country TRAVEL
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Thank you for posting that. This trend is running through all media. Sex, preferably outside of marriage, is being promoted constantly. As Catholics, we are told by the Word of God how to behave. And we should politely complain so that the people who produce this kind of material know.

God bless,

I am not even going to read the entire post, but just to ask where have you been, Redbook has long sinced to be the leading publisher of good short fiction and an informative general interest magazine, and has aspired to replace Cosmo (also a one-time leader in good solid magazine journalism and fiction market) as the first magazine women whose entire self-image is based on being sexually attractive and available to men. They have achieved this dubious status and have rivalled Cosmo in salacious, offensive protrayals of women for at least 15 years. At least playgirl is not sold on magazine stands in supermarket checkouts where everyone and their kids gets full color views of women’s bodies and porno headlines at eye level, as are Redbook and Cosmo.

We succeeded in getting our local supermarket chain to remove the offending magazines, but they are back again, and the Spanish language ones are even worse.

Those magazines are trash.

They have the same exact articles every month. They all sound like this…

“5 new ways to please your man”

They just find new ways to reinvent the wheel.

So what’s new? :confused:

Who even bothers subscribing? I read only the articles that interest me when I am at the grocery store and leave the rags there. :smiley:

You read my mind! How did you do that?

I can sum up most women’s magazines like this:

How to have great sex even though you are inadequate, but you won’t be after you buy the latest fashions we think are hot while try our recipes, then go on our diet and follow our latest advice guru. Then you will be fashionable just like Paris Hilton/Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie/(or other current hot star) even though you live in flyover country (you hopeless schlub).

I quit reading women’s magazines (except for the recipes) years ago.

Yeah your are right. Women are being convinced they are inadequate. We have ways to make you adequate - spend money on our magazine and buy the products. Soon you will be adequate, but not adequate enough.

It amazes me how intelligent women are lured into this trap over and over again.

Even O Magazine has sunk to this low level with a sex column. I’ve canceled my subscription. I’ll stick with Martha Stewart and Cottage Living I guess.


Even “tasteful” women’s magazines (like “O”) encourage women to masturbate regularly and watch erotica with their men to spice up their relationships. For me, these practices would be like throwing water on the fire.

:rotfl: :clapping: :tiphat:

Well, I suppose there’s something to be said for breaking the stereotype that sexual perversion is limited to males.

talking about magazines, at the store I go and cover up all the cheesy, immodest magazines that have girls in nothing with hair/homeliving/game magazines.

I got the idea from jason evert! :smiley:

I stopped reading Redbook many years ago. I’d still buy it at Christmas until it became apparent that they weren’t going to acknowledge the holiday (recipes, crafts, and inspirational stories) except to advise you to wear a red teddy for your “partner”…good-bye!

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