Redding pregnancy clinic won’t refer for abortion services


A Redding faith-based pregnancy center has no plans to post signs to refer clients for contraception and abortion services, despite it becoming law late last year.

The Crisis Pregnancy Center, also known as Care Net Pregnancy Center, with locations in Redding and Red Bluff, is instead continuing its fight for injunctive relief in federal court, arguing that Assembly Bill 775, the Reproductive FACT Act, infringes on its religious freedom and right to free speech. Early last week, the center had a hearing in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals where it presented oral arguments. It’s awaiting a decision.

“This compels speech,” Kevin T. Snider, attorney with the Pacific Justice Institute representing Care Net, said about the bill. “This is the government requiring you to say something.”


Democrat Legislature, Democrat Governor. Bought to you by the same Party that is forcing Nuns to buy contraception


I hope enough pregnancy centers protest this so that no one is forced to refer patients for contraception or abortion.


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