Redefining marriage threatens peace, Pope warns Scotland, UK, world

Holy Father highlights the danger Scotland faces redefining marriage in his message for the World Day of Peace.

His focus was not as much that redefining marriage will cause immediate violence or something, but to retain the familial structure in which children are reared by their parents as a foundational block of society. During last year’s World Day of Peace speech, he emphasized that we should “ensure that children receive one of the most precious of treasures: the presence of their parents.” To sever society from that pillar is to cause non-peace in hearts (not necessarily military peace, which is how I think many people naturally assume the word peace must be meant). In other words, if you think you’re going to find “peace” by accepting non-traditional marriage - you won’t. The other aspect of his speech is justice, and I think that is also affected because redefining marriage is an unjust affront to the truth.

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