Redemption for a LOT of sin


I’m only 18 years old and I thought I was a reasonibly good Catholic until I started reflecting upon all my sin! I’ve suffered depression & eating disorders for 3-4 years feel they might, well at least partially, be result of all my sin!I thought I was “just a normal teenager” and that that justified my actions, but on deeper reflection, I feel I need redemption. Countless suicide attempts, being “ok” with abortion, sex before marriage and other sexual sins like dressing provocatively e.t.c, drinking @ parties…the list goes on! How should I redeem myself? I’m thinking of 40 days of fasting and prayer. What do you think?


Daily mass will help you stay focused on your new commitment. Also, examine your conscience each night to help you see how well you are living out your Christian ideals. I find it helpful to ask, what did I do well today? What did I do wrong today? Both questions are really helpful because even if I haven’t done much wrong, I might realize that I didn’t really do anything good for anyone else either! And that is not living the Christian life! So then the next day I can try pointedly to do something kind for someone else.

Don’t worry so much about fasting and praying for 40 days…that would be much like a crash diet, and we know those don’t work long term. You must change your lifestyle. Go to confession, do the penance the priest gives you, and then try implementing the things I outlined above.

Good luck!


Yes, exactly. You just started taking steps by acknowledging your sins. You most likely will not shed all of them at once. God knows that and is pleased that you intend to move towards Him and away from sin. (conversion) Just continue with the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Move forward by continually making progress and pray always. When you fall, use those moments to realize that it is by your weaknesses that you need to depend on Christ. Then by your weakness you will be strong. Never give up and you will be in my prayers. Your greatest sin is nothing compared to the infinite mercy of God. God is more than any amount of sin and He died for the sins of all mankind.

Smile, God loves you and welcomes you with open arms. Sometimes they’re for hugs and sometimes they’re for picking you up but Jesus’ outstretched arms never cease reaching for you. Keep up the good fight and never,ever give up…Peace…teachccd :slight_smile:


Oh and the forty days of fasting and prayer…I wouldn’t recommend that right now. Concentrate on your daily struggles and take those baby steps. You’ll do fine and then you’ll know when that fasting and prayer is beneficial. Nice and slow will have quicker results than you think…teachccd :slight_smile:


I don’t think that fasting is something you should be thinking about right now, with your history of eating disorders (unless you meant overeating, of course). Prayer is always good though! I would recommend a daily rosary of 5 decades. Not for just 40 days, but a lifetime.

Make sure you take care of yourself. Get into counseling if you’re not already. If you don’t like your counselor, find another one, and keep looking until you find someone you really like and can trust. If you’re so depressed that you’ve attempted suicide, this is serious! Even if it is caused in part by your past sins, you need to take care of it.

God bless you for your change of heart. It sounds like you were a “normal” teenager, but these days “normal” behavior for teens is completely out of line with Church teaching. But don’t worry, God is right there waiting to forgive you as soon as you ask for his forgiveness. So if you haven’t gone to Confession yet, go. More likely than not, you will emerge from the confessional with the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Peace and God bless!


Welcome to the plight of the human race! You CAN’T redeem yourself. That is why what Christ did is so important. Go to confession, tell the priest everything you can remember, express your sorrow for having offended the Lord, and ask for His grace to do better. We all fall short again and again and have to just get up and keep trying. As for a proper penance, the priest will assign you one at confession.

If you can, try to spend some time in Eucahristic adoration often. Being attentive to the Eucharistic presence of Christ can help us to find strength in the face of temptation as well as continually reminding us how much our Savior sacrificed for our redemption.

He loves you more than you can possibly understand. Give everything to Him, and entrust yourself to His care.

Regarding suicide, ask your priest where you can find help locally. This is not a suffering you should try to bear alone.


Angelofmusic, Hi and welcome to CAF.

Suicide attempts go in a separate category from the other things you list. First and foremost, since you’ve already attempted suicide you should seek professional help. Nothing anybody can post here can substitute for professional help.

With respect to the other things you list, I suggest you go to confession and ask your confessor what he considers an appropriate penance. But remember that you don’t need to “redeem” yourself. Jesus did that when He paid for our sins by His death on the cross. When it comes to the suicide attempts, the priest likely will suggest professional help, too.

God loves you exactly “as is.” :slight_smile:


My dear young friend I just posted a response on your other thread. This one explains matters a little more.

Concerning all those sins of yours - Welcome to the Club!
As long as that list of yours is, mine is equally as long. Luckily the mercy of Jesus is like an ocean and if you open your heart to it then the power of his mercy will overwhelm any sin.

If you are seeking some actions you can take or do I would suggest the following:

  1. Visit elderly people in nursing homes. Sit and talk with them.
  2. Organize a canned food drive for your local food bank.
  3. Take a class in C.P.R. so you are ready to help someone who might have a heart attack.

Look at Matthew 25 and it might give you some more ideas.

Your friend and fellow repentant sinner.


join the marines


Lemme quote some Scripture at you…

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.**** Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.**** For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matt 11:28-30 (RSV)

Right now, you’re carrying the yoke of your sins. Go to Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and He will give you rest. Every time. He does it for me, and I, too, had a heavy load of sin.

Find a good counselor who can help you with your problems. I agree with the poster who suggested that fasting is the wrong thing for someone with an eating disorder to do, because it only strengthens that way of thinking.

Adoration has helped me out a lot, especially with achieving the “peace of God, which passes all understanding.” So has my daily Rosary.

God bless you,



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