Redemptive Suffering


I have a family member, a protestant minister, who was diagnosed with brain cancer only two weeks ago, and has been declining very rapidly. He was in the hospital for a week, is now in a nursing home, and the family is looking to place him in hospice. The family is coming together. They are all pentecostal Christians.

  1. Please pray for him to be able to bear the weight of his suffering.

  2. Please pray for a happy death if this is God’s time to call him.

  3. I know that Pope John Paul 2 has written on Suffering.

Are there any other good Catholic books on the meaning of redemptive suffering, that might be easier to read and understand than Pope John Paul?

The family doesn’t understand suffering at all, it’s a totally foreign idea to them. They are of the pentecostal variety, name it and claim it, “be healed!” So at this point, near death, they are feeling hopeless.

I would like to share something with them that would be comforting, as well as inspiring.


I would recommend anything by Fr Groeschel…He is a psychologist as well as a priest and he is very inclusive of other faiths

He is very kind and has a lot of programs on EWTN to listen to…His suffering ans what to do with it is marvelous…

I will offer up a prayer for him and his family


Thanks, redrosetea!

I’ll google for some Benedict Groeschel titles.
He is easier to read than the Pope.


You’re right, redrosetea. You picked up on something, and I didn’t. He won’t be able to read. I was thinking his wife might read it to, with, or by him.

It should be a cassette. And I also think I read in these forums just yesterday that Fr .Corapi has a great sermon on redemptive suffering.

You really got me headed in the right direction.

Thanks again, redrosetea.


Wow, redrosetea!
Look what I found when I googled for Fr. Corapi suffering.

His talk on suffering - redemptive suffering - was one of the most powerful I’ve heard him give. This is what so many just don’t get in this modern cushy, superficial society of no pain.

It was one of Father Corapi’s most profound talks I’ve heard! After loosing my mother last year to cancer, this explaination of redemptive suffering is the most accurate and comforting


I like Fr Corapi a lot, but Fr Groeschel is quieter and calmer in his approach…He is older, and has been around suffering all of his life because of his profession

He once walked in ,as a young man shot himself to death…He understand depression and health issues that are usually tied in with death…He is very good about people that have committed suicide…I guess I am trying to say I think he has a better bedside manner, but this is not a criticism of Fr Corapi


I think they are both good. Your concern is a wise one though. I picked up on the Fr. Corapi however, because the person I’m sharing it with is a holy roller type of preacher. I thought he would be most familiar with Fr. Corapi’s style. I must admit, I used to listen to Fr. Corapi when I was protestant, on the way home from my Monday night Women’s Bible study. His style was really palatable for this former evangelical protestant.

But, Fr. Benedict Groeschel does have a quiet calm tone, which might be more appropriate in hospice.

And even if he doesn’t listen to it, if someone else in the family does, might be able to share some insights to encourage him on his way to meet the Lord.


Fr Groeschel also has a large non Catholic following so there must be something in his style that reaches out to other faiths

You can listen online to some of his programs on EWTN…His book the Virtue Driven Life was marvelous


I have that book. :thumbsup:
Thanks for sharing about his non-Catholic following. That would be good. This man’s wife worked with Teen Challenge for a time in NYC, so she might relate to him too.
I’m trying to find stuff online, and haven’t had luck finding Corapi, so now I’ll see if I can download Groeschel on suffering online.


I know if you go to EWTN’s website, they have his radio programs to listen to

Use their search engine and type in FR Groeschel …suffering


That’s just what I did. I found it.


This may not be what you are looking for but maybe it is


Thank you. I love that site.:thumbsup:


Your welcome and God bless.


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