Redemptive Suffering


I want to learn all there is know about Redemptive Suffering. Can anyone recommend any specific books on the subject? I am not having much luck. Thanks for your help.


St. Faustina focuses on this a lot in her diary. It’s available online.


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Check this saints works. do a search on all books for topics like - sacrifice and suffering. Or anything about the spiritual life, or just read. It’s fantastic stuff. Lots of brief but brilliant insights we can use. Go to

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Hi Michelle… and WELCOME to Catholic Answers Forum! I see this was your first post! Glad you found the site :slight_smile: .

I would like to recommend my all time favorite spiritual book… the classic… “The Story of a Soul”; this was written by St. Therese of Lisieux (who is also a Doctor of the Church). It is the story of her life, from the very beginning to her death at age 24, in the Carmel of Lisieux.

I love this book, because St. Therese shows us her “Little Way” of offering all of our daily sufferings, whether big or small… for the love and glory of God! She teaches us that holiness is for ALL… and shows us how to accomplish this, in our daily lives. Once you pick it up and start reading, it is difficult to put down!

This book has always especially appealed to me… because I’m no “great mind” as so many of our forum members are. The words of St. Therese really “speak” to the Little Souls (like yours truly :o ). If you’re interested, here is a link where you can get “The Story of a Soul”. God bless you!


Check out Suffering in Holiness


I appreciate everyone taking the time to help me with their suggestions. I have a lot of reading to do. Thanks again!! :wink:


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