Just wondering have anybody heard of the Redemptorists? What have you guys heard about them? How are they like?


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Just wondering have anybody heard of the Redemptorists? What have you guys heard about them? How are they like?


Google " Redemptorists. " You will find lots of nfo. :thumbsup:


I've never formally studied about them, but I have met a handful of those priests. All of them touched me with their preaching, weather it was a Mass homily or another spiritual talk. I don't quite know how to articulate their style of preaching. It wasn't super-intellectual, and it wasn't super-emotional either. I think a huge part of it was the sincere joy they displayed regarding the faith. I still remember some of these homilies 10 years later. I don't know if this describes Redemptorists as a whole, but I've had just wonderful experiences with them. Are you considering joining them?


Funny you should mention Redemptorists- they're my favourite Order(or one of my favourites-the next is Franciscans with their offshot the Capuchins, pushing the Jesuits-nothing personal here- into third place). I recently finished a portrait of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, CSSR on Oct 4- ironically enough his feast day; he;s one of my patron saints. Just go onto Wikipedia and type in "Redemptorists".



Not to pick at nits but . . .

The Redemptorists are not a religious order, they are a congregation. The Franciscans and Jesuits are orders, the Jesuits being the last religious order formed before the Church disallowed anymore religious orders.


You mean there will not be any more religious orders founded? That’s interesting. What is the reason for this?


One of the greatest orders* in the Church, in my opinion. To understand their spirituality, look no further than the writings of their founder, St. Alphonsus de Liguori.

St. Alphonsus is a fascinating saint. A Doctor of the Church, his writings on moral theology mark him as one of the great theological thinkers in Catholic history. But these academic theological insights are grounded in his pastoral experience. And it is in his devotional literature that St. Alphonsus really speaks to the ages. His writings on Our Blessed Mother and visits to the Blessed Sacrament are perhaps the greatest writings on these devotional practices ever written.

The Redemptorists, then, as I've seen them, are an order based on zeal for Our Lord and Our Lady, intent on communicating that zeal to others. They have a strong missionary orientation, and take refuge in the patronage of St. Alphonsus and of Our Lady, especially as Our Lady of Perpetual Help. In my personal experience with Redemptorists, I have found them to be true missionaries, desiring above all else (including church politics) to simply transmit the love of Christ to others.

Vocationally, I think that if you are someone who views your vocation as transmitting your inner enthusiasm to others, and if you find a kindred spirit in St. Alphonsus through his writings, then you would do well to contact the Redemptorists to learn more about their life, and to discern further with them.

  • I use the term 'order' in its colloquial meaning, not as a canon lawyer emphasizing the difference solemn and simple vows.]


I live not too far from a Redemptorist Province. Whenever I go to Confession, that's where I go. They are GREAT confessors.


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