Refilling candles during adoration

Probably a silly question but it’s something that occurred to me so I thought it won’t hurt to ask. Our parish has adoration all day every Thursday and my wife and I are assigned an hour in the early evening. Usually there is a couple that comes in two hours before us that refill the candles with liquid paraffin but on occasion they aren’t there so we take it upon ourselves to refill them when we arrive because they are almost exhausted by then. Is there any proper procedure for removing them from the alter (we are a small church and don’t have a chapel) for refilling? My wife removes them two at a time (there are two on each side of the monstrance) and takes them to the sacristy and refills them and brings them back and does the same with the other two. She bows when she approaches and leaves the alter. I don’t believe there is any procedure for this but I thought I would ask.

Thank you for your time.

Not really any procedure. Check with your pastor for his preferences, or else whomever is in charge of looking after those things. It’s great that you’re so helpful!



What you are doing sounds very much as I did for several decades. Because of the distance to the sacristy I ended up using a tub on the credence table to speed up the process. I would always genuflect. Having a substitute is important.

I’ve actually reached through the iconostasis slipped a small votive candle into the holder on the other side from time to time!

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