Reflecting on God's Love


At this time of year I thought for the last week leading up to the birth of Jesus we could all share our reflections of His Love.

Here are some of mine to get the thread started. Please add yours.....

A simple reflection of God's Great Love:

*When I gaze into Your eyes at this time of year, Your endless love shines through and it takes my breath away. It wounds me in the heart and penetrates the deepest recesses of my very being. I am carried back to a time and place that nothing can ever erase. And I marvel at how the One Who created me could have a love so great that He would come and save me from myself and show me the way to live eternally in His Love and offered Himself as the Final Sacrifice.

At times I am so scared that it is all my imagination. But then I see your mother Mary and remember how she simply just said "yes" and put all her trust and hope in You, and I follow her example as best as I can so that my fears are again melted away by Your never ending Love.

May we always trust You and how You speak to our hearts. And, like Mary and St. Joseph, nurture and protect you there. So that we can always be in Your care and to learn how to share Your Unconditional Love and Wisdom with each other and the world.

For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

May everyone Have a very Blessed, Peaceful, and Joyful Christmas*,


To Simple Soul:

Very beautiful and heartfelt thoughts to take us to Christmas. One of my favorite passages in the NT is from Luke where Simeon holds the infant Jesus (wouldn't you have loved to have been him!) and then prays:

for my eyes have seen your salvation,
which you prepared in sight of all the peoples,
a light for revelation to the Gentiles,
and glory for your people Israel.



*Oh Chauncey,

Thank you for reminding me of Simeon. I often am filled with wonder at that story.
Actually every time I receive Jesus in the Eucharist I can relate to what Simeon said and I love Jesus more for giving us a way to hold Him so close to our heart and fuel the Flame of Revelation, Love, and Wisdom He has given us. So I say with you Amen!

Hope and pray that you and yours have a most Peaceful, Joyful and Blessed Christmas*


that's beautiful :)


*Thank you Monica, by the way I love your signature,

Often times when I am reading a lot of posts here at CAF and hear how we are so worried about how we may or may not loose God’s Unconditional Love it makes me want to cry.
I remember the story of the Prodigal Son and believe that there is not any sin that is too great or too small that God has not already forgiven us. He knows we are sinful and week and that it is impossible for us to achieve perfection that is why He came,dwelt among us and achieved it for us.
Can a Creator have or show any more Love for His creation than He has shown and given us?
I believe we need to follow Jesus’ footsteps the best that we can and put our trust and hope in Him and His Unconditional Love to perfect our imperfections.

I wonder and marvel about this all the time. I am learning that every time I start to worry about how imperfect I am, I just need to remember His Unconditional and all Encompassing Love. Then I take a deep breath and put all my worries, hope and trust into His hands and again I am wrapped and consumed by that Great Love He has for us and it makes me love Him more and strive ever harder to follow Him to Eternity.

As we reflect on the birth of our Savior, may we all help each other find that Peace and Love He gives us when we put our complete trust in His Word and Unconditional Love.*


God's Love, shining through the eyes of a little baby child, all His Love right there, right here in this world, FOR US. In simplicity. In purity. Poverty. Here to reach our hearts.


[quote="Kathrin, post:6, topic:180078"]
God's Love, shining through the eyes of a little baby child, all His Love right there, right here in this world, FOR US. In simplicity. In purity. Poverty. Here to reach our hearts.


:heart: Babies are such a beautiful gift. I believe they are one of the sweetest examples of God's Unconditional Love.


I thought of the Baby Jesus mostly :)


[quote="Kathrin, post:8, topic:180078"]
I thought of the Baby Jesus mostly :)


I should have known that.:o I apologize for my poor reading skills.

In that case :heart::heart::heart:

Can you imagine how much Love Mary was filled with, knowing she was probably the first to gaze into that Love knowingly?


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