Reflection during Exposition/Benediction

Can someone who knows (or has access to the official book “Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass”) please advise: May a lay person give a reflection during the ritual of Exposition and Benediction, or is that faculty reserved. like the Homily at Holy Mass to ordained Priest and Deacon?

If the Eucharist is exposed, only an ordained person is permitted to to preach. (It’s a not-terribly-well-known restriction.)

Interesting. Is this explained anywhere in specific detail?

In ‘Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass’, which is why Jamie is asking about it. I don’t have a copy on hand; but my recollection is that the gist is that a ‘reflection’ given during exposition is in fact a ‘homily,’ and homilies are reserved to the ordained.

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