Reflection: Holy Eucharist or 'Fast Food'?


It was the Angelic Doctor who once wrote:

“Material food first changes into the one who eats it, and then, as a consequence, restores to him lost strength and increases his vitality. Spiritual food, on the other hand, changes the person who eats it into itself. Thus the effect proper to this Sacrament is the con­ver­sion of a man into Christ, so that he may no longer live, but Christ lives in him; conse­quent­ly, it has the double effect of restoring the spiritual strength he had lost by his sins and defects, and of increasing the strength of his virtues.” (St. Thomas, Commentary on Book IV of the Sentences, d.12, q.2, a.11)

click on link to read this whole article. It is well thought out and I share it’s views 100%.


It is well thought out and I share it’s views 100%.

I agree 100% as well! Its a shame to see people acting so irreverantly and with such indifference at Mass, especially Holy Communion. We must combat this through prayer, and good example. God Bless,
Jacob :signofcross:

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