Reflection/Homily: Solemnity of Mary Mother of God (January 1 2013)


Reflection/Homily: Solemnity of Mary Mother of God (January 1 2013)
Theme: The Relevance of Mary’s Motherhood of God

In a particular kingdom, after the death of the king, the Prince had to choose a wife before his coronation as the next king. The Prince made it open for every young girl in the kingdom to exhibit her qualities and draw his attention. Several young girls started wearing sexy clothes to seduce the Prince but he was not moved. Some began to wear wonderful hairstyles but the Prince was not moved. Others prepared delicious meals and presented them to the prince but he was not delighted.

Every young girl made an attempt in several ways but the Prince was not moved. It was not because he was very difficult to be pleased but because they did not know exactly what he so desired of a woman more so of a wife. Only one woman had a perfect knowledge of this. This woman was like the rest of women in the kingdom, while some valued her, others despised her. She was very dear to the Prince because of her glaring personality, but no one dared to consult her or win the Prince’s heart through her.

One day, a young lady desirous to have the Prince as husband came to this woman with an inferior dish containing some poorly prepared food. She requested the woman to help her present the food to the king. This woman took the food, transferred it into a royal plate, garnished it with the type of vegetables and fishes the Prince likes and presented it to the Prince as a gift from a lady seeking to please him. The king was surprised to discover this girl who could meet his taste and hurriedly married her. This girl was only successful because she went through the Prince’s mother who prepared the way for her and who knew what exactly the prince needed.

Today, we celebrate the motherhood of a woman who knows how best to please Jesus who is God. The Gospel reading (Luke 2:16-21) says “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”. That means she was deeply in touch with the Word of God and through her co-operation with the will of God contained in the Word of God, she became the Virgin Mother of God. The solemnity of Mary, Mother of God reminds us of the great role she played in the history of salvation and the privileges she have.

In the first reading (Numbers 6:22-27), we see the blessings God gave to Aaron and his sons. They were the mediators between God and the people and through...

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