Reflections for the XIV Sunday of the year



Thank you Rob :slight_smile:


Really,thank you.At mass this morning I could recall what you had provided and was able to concentrate much better.Our Priests homily was very good.
I should really get into the habit of reading each Sunday’s reflections before the mass .


Thank you for sharing. Tonight our Priest mentioned the cartoon skunk Pepe LePew - Pepe was constantly rebuffed when he tried to find love. He went on to say Jesus was also rebuffed but he never gave up and kept on loving us (along that line.) It got a chuckle, but one I’ll remember!


Thank you , @Greenfields ,

I am one of the lectors at Mass this morning so I have paid more attention to the Scripture readings than I usually do .

Reflecting on Paul’s letter Fr Antony Kadavil says , " Paul was content with weaknesses and hardships for the sake of Christ; we, too, find God’s grace sufficient for our needs, for Christ’s power dwells in us in our weakness, and in weakness we are truly strong. "

That really hits at one of my basic weaknesses .

The basic weakness I have is that I think I must be strong , good , and near enough perfect before I can be accepted by God .

This has plagued much of my life .

I feel I am never good enough , which in one sense is true . But , for example , when it comes to the point that I have to be the perfect man before I commit myself to marriage , or have to be the perfect teacher before I get on with the job of teaching , or have to be the perfect Christian before God will embrace me in His love , it becomes a crippling attitude .

Only in the later stages of my life have I come to accept that God loves me unconditionally , that people do accept me and love me despite my flaws and deficiencies .

In the Eucharist today may we come to the knowledge that Christ’s power dwells in us in our weakness, and in weakness we are truly strong.


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