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“That Looks Like a Chicken”
IMG_2207.JPGI know chicken isn’t really a profound or inspirational topic, but we don’t have to be profound and inspirational all the time, do we?

Last evening, our dietary staff served chicken strips, along with other menu items such as apple rings and peas.

I had a little extra time since the other Sisters were still out of town and I was on my own schedule over the supper hour.

Thus it was that I gave into my urge, or inspiration, to share my “chicken joke” again.
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Mother Daughter Days
I just got back from a few days at our provincial house in Hankinson, ND.

This past Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon, We had a group of over twenty mothers and daughters join us for activities, prayers and Mass, games, and “mother-daughter time.”

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I know I’m a bit of a tease; maybe I should learn to act my age!PB260002.JPG

I do enjoy giving people a little grief, at times. One example is hat-stealing.

We have a married couple that prays with us Tuesday evenings; they join in vespers during their 6-7 adoration hour.

On these occasions, the gentleman brings his hat with him and sets it on the pew beside him....Read more


Corny Connections

corn.JPGAs I work to process about 1,440 ears of corn (half of which we have been cutting the kernels from and blanching), this morning’s reading about Ruth seemed appropriate.

She is known for gleaning leftover grain from the field of her future husband, Boaz. We have in common this agricultural connection.

For me, like Ruth, working with the produce of the land, has been... Read more


This evening after Vespers, I prayed the "Prayer for our Deceased Sister" with the other Sisters and visitors in our Chapel for the first time in quite a while. We will be doing this for the rest of the week since one of our German Sisters died recently. This prayer is offered in conjunction with Psalm 130: "Out of the Depths." One phrase of this psalm was particularly striking to me this evening: "For with the Lord their is mercy..." [ 53 more words ]]("")


This morning, my fingers delighted in playing the chords and melody of a hymn which had been chosen by Sr. Rebecca, whose week it is to lead Office, lector at Mass, and select the music. In other words, it’s “her week for liturgy.” She had picked “Crown Him With Many Crowns” for Friday’s Mass, and it is my turn to provide accompaniment on the keyboard in our chapel. [ 176 more words ]]("")


This morning, we again heard the beautiful story of the beginnings of St. Peter’s discipleship in the gospel reading. To be accurate, this probably wasn’t the very beginning; he obviously had some familiarity with Jesus before he let him use his boat. There is so much in this passage; so much for reflection and meditation. I was glad to have had the chance to pray with this text this morning before Mass during my mediation. [ 250 more words ]


This morning, when I woke up, I surely did not anticipate all that this day would hold! We had been out to the farm of Sr. Rebecca’s niece yesterday, and she had given us potatoes, tomatoes, onions, tomato sauces (salsa and pasta), and plums - lots of them! It was nice to get out of town, despite the fact that we had trouble finding the farm. [ 271 more words ]

About a week ago, I got an email from my sister asking if I was up for company over the weekend. After checking things out here, I informed her that I certainly was. Soon after, I could be heard sharing the exciting news with a co-worker: “My little sister’s coming!” Angie has come with my parents before when they’ve driven the 330 mile trek. [ 126 more words ]


In preparation for reading at this morning’s Mass, I used the texts from the reactionary for my meditation. In reflecting on the “alleluia verse,” I was struck by the relationship between love and sorrow. I realized that Mary, who is now invoked as “Our Lady of Sorrows,” probably loved more than any other human person ever had, more than any of us. [ 158 more words ]


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