Reflections from a Franciscan Sister


Who's the patron saint of plumbers?:


I am looking for your input!

To those of you who have been following this thread, what suggestions do you have? *

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We just received two huge pumpkins, weighing 34,1 and 56.6 lbs. respectively.

We're going to have a guessing contest as to their weight, but come early November, we'll have to 'butcher' them. *I've been in the pumpkin business for years, but am wondering if any one has developed any great tricks or tips for the laborious task of prepping pumpkin for winter preservation.





Free Refills:


Our sale is all over now, but here's an article written in the midst of the chaotic preparations.



A little reflection on my visits to the Blessed Sacrament: Little Visits​​​​​​​







A few memories from my first year “in the convent”:




I had a bit of fun writing this one:


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