Reflections from a Franciscan Sister



Thankfully,, I got one of our sisters to share a reflection!
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A little reflection inspired by the song: "The Little Drummer Boy"




Reflections on Psalm 147



A busy day:






Yes, Mother!
by Our Franciscan Fiat
Recently, I was helping one of our residents who is needing some extra care lately after a bout with the flu. Helping her dress and looking over her needs, she commented to me that I reminded her of a mother.

At St. Anne's, we love to tease with each other. Humor is the spice of life, they say. Somehow, this lady's comment led to her jokingly using the phrase: "Yes, mother" in a sassy voice. It has become a joke between us, and I have come to call her "daughter."

This use of the word 'mother' could not fail to remind me of my studies when I was first entering religious life....Read more


FEBRUARY 3, 2017
I’ve worked a number of night shifts here at St. Anne’s over the past few years. Usually, however, it is at last minute notice.

In fact, if I hear the phone ring between 9:45 and 10:15 p.m., (Read more)



Let's take this opportunity to congratulate our Sisters and the staff at St. Gerard's who worked so hard on the Giving Hearts Day project again this year! *

It paid off! *St. Gerard's got second place for their video and also raised well over $84,000 to support their*work of "serving all in Jesus' name."

St. Gerard's Community of Care, in Hankinson, ND, offers multiple services to young and old: skilled*care nursing, an independent living Unit, child*care, and*kinder*kollege.

Congratulations, Sisters and Staff of St. Gerard's; may God bless you in your ministry!


Happy Valentine’s Day!
Here’s a little reflection for the occasion:


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