Reform of the Reform - St. Patrick's, Norcross, Georgia

More signs of the Reform of the Reform! This news comes to us from St. Patrick’s Parish in Norcross, GA. Where the Pastor, Tom Hennessy has comissioned a Schola Cantorum.

Here is a quote from the Schola’s own web site:

In order to conform to the desires and sacred rites of our Church, Pastor Father Tom Hennessy commissioned a Schola Cantorum (Latin for “School of Singers”) to pray the prayers of “inestimable value” and which are “especially suited to the Roman liturgy”

Here is the link to their web site: where you can hear them chant as well :slight_smile:

And a link to the blog of the schola: there is a posting describing their first Mass which was celebrated Ad Orientum. Leave them a comment of support!!! :smiley:

Father Hennessy was my pastor when I lived in the Atlanta area. He is a wonderful young holy priest, and such an asset to our Holy Catholic Church. :thumbsup:

I want to visit this church! I read that St Patricks is encourgaing kneeling for communion and receiving on the tongue . Of course if its too difficult… standing is okay:thumbsup:

Anyone go to this church?


It is as you say. I visit this church with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law when we go to Lawrenceville on holidays or visiting. It is such a nice change to see a traditional mass instead of the modernized mass we have in our home town. Fr. Tom is strict, but that is exactly what attracts so many Catholics to him. For example, he informed his parish that if they were or had been chewing gum they could not receive communion. I’m sure this was devistating to them, but he’s correct and I think it will help them focus more on the presence of Jesus during the mass. They also have a communion rail which requires us to kneel…We always look forward to attending mass there and getting a chance to speak with Fr. Tom afterwards!

couldnt find it.

This church is not far from me although I was under the impression that it was 100% Spanish. Guess I’ll have to take another look!

Very cool!:thumbsup:
If you visit Savannah,GA, there is a Tridentine Mass wtih a schola every Sunday at 1:00 pm at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.


That website was taken down over a year ago. I built it for the first Schola, they now have a much more advanced Schola, and instead of being under my direction, is under the direction of a very confident director.

They have a latin mass every Sunday. Unfortunately, Father Hennessy is no longer the pastor there.

Please pray for the parish and Father Hennessy.

Christopher Vigil

I used to go to this Church very regularly, but now I just moved and am growing new roots in Roswell.

Peace - Christopher Vigil

Hi Christopher,

I just found out Father Tom is no longer at St. Pat’s and I am in shock. I was a parisioner there for about 12 years and was also part of his staff. I am currently living out of state. Fr. H is definitely the best pastor St. Patrick’s has had. Can you tell me what happened to him or where he is at?

I will definitely be praying for Father Hennessy and his family.

Hi–I visited St. Patrick’s a number of times and really loved the holy atmosphere there. I just looked at a bulletin and notice Father Hennessy is no longer there. Where did he go?

He is doing a restorative sabbatical. Some ridiculous allegations were brought against him and he was removed from his position due to an Archdiocesan policy.

You will see, that the younger priests are on the rise (Thanks be to God!), and generally the younger priests are more Orthodox than some of the ordained-in-the-sixties priests and bishops, like Matthew Clark. Our Pope is the great cause of the Reform of the Reform, and what a great Pope he is! :heaven:

As Fr.Z says {]:slight_smile:

Save the liturgy, Save the World!

Prayers for the truth to come out and for Father Hennessy’s return and for St. Patrick’s parish!:gopray::grouphug:

From the director of the Schola at St. Patricks:

It is painful to do, but I will not be returning to St. Patrick’s. I want to thank Al and Vito especially, for faithful service throughout my “tenure.” One thing I have learned, after 23 years of working as a personal assistant to four Archbishops of Atlanta, and that is, you never know what’s coming around the corner. Maybe something good will show up, and we’ll see one another again.

What does this quote from the Schola director mean? I can’t find the source in the thread anywhere. Just wondering.

That was in a private email from the schola director to schola members. The new administrator/pastor seems to be quite hostile to traditionally-oriented liturgy. He has apparently made it clear to the schola director that he is not welcome there.

I was afraid things were deteriorating quickly when I saw the notice in the bulletin a couple of weeks ago that emphasized that standing for communion was the “norm” in the USA, completely ignoring the fact that Rome has always upheld the right of a communicant to kneel. In fact, it was the example of the Holy Father that Fr. Hennessy was following when he instituted kneeling for communion at the altar rail.

It is truly heartbreaking to see what has become of St. Patrick’s. All of this that has happened makes the conspiracy theorist in me wonder if there was some diabolical plan to destroy the great apostolate that was there.

Kyrie Eleison!!!

Speaking of the standing for communion norm, I think that some years ago I read the transcript mentioned in this comment from Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s blog:

The Adoremus Bulletin made available the transcript of the discussion of the USCCB meeting at which the staff/committee-written U.S. GIRM adaptations were approved. (Some readers may be unaware that the USCCB is set up so that little is done as a result of floor discussion by the bishops themselves; they merely receive initiatives prepared by staff and committees, almost always rubber-stamp them, frequently without having a final version to read before voting. I once heard a well-known U.S. bishop say that USCCB procedures gave him no more influence over alleged bishops’ policies than an ordinary layman has, that what comes out of the USCCB is controlled by their staff, not by the assembled bishops themselves.)

At this particular meeting, some bishops actually arose to express concern over the standing-communion norm. They approved it only after being assured that the standing norm was “descriptive” rather than “prescriptive”. That is, it simply described the most usual way of receiving communion in the U.S.

However, some were concerned that if adopted it would later be interpretive as prescribing how communion should be received in the U.S. Imagine that!

(I’m really sorry to hear about the recent decline at St. Patrick’s).

I am so, so sad about this. I was going to start going to St. Patrick’s precisely because they have an altar rail and often kneel for communion. I live in a rather small town and my options for finding a good, faithful, orthodox parish within an hour or less drive from where I live are extremely limited. St. Patrick’s was my last, best hope. When I was Lutheran, we knelt at an altar rail. When I learned of the Real Presence and became Catholic, I was really surprised to see people process up; without knowing any of the history and church politics of the last 50 years or so, I just found it odd–it looked like people were going up in a driver’s license line or something; that was my initial impression.

If anyone knows of a faithful, orthodox parish in northeast Georgia, please let me know! (St. Francis de Sales is a couple of hours away and just too far for regular attendance.)

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