reformed baptist?

What is a reformed baptist? How do they differ from American baptists or southern baptists or any other kind of baptist? When did this denomination begin?

The Association of Reformed Baptist Churches in America

and an article on "what is a Reformed Baptist?"

They are basically Baptists who follow the teachings of John Calvin.

For comparison purposes, here is a link for the American Baptists

and the Southern Baptists

These are all quite different groups in many ways.

I’m a reformed Baptist. Reconciled to the Roman Catholic Church in '98. :slight_smile:

While Baptists are not allowed to dance, Reformed Baptists are allowed to sway gently to the music :slight_smile:

Originally there were two kinds of Baptists: General Baptists and Particular Baptists. Particular Baptists were the dominant group, and they were Calvinistic. However, over time, particularly in the 19th century, most Baptists watered down or abandoned their Calvinistic heritage. In the U.S. this resulted in a doctrine of eternal security divorced from predestination (which in my opinion makes no sense at all, but that’s for Baptists to worry about!).

“Reformed Baptists” are not a denomination so much as an overall term for Baptists who are trying to recover this Calvinistic heritage. They exist within the Southern Baptist Convention and other Baptist denominations, and they also have groupings of their own. They tend to have more in common with conservative Presbyterians than with other Baptists, although many mainstream Reformed (Presbyterians, etc.) don’t consider them “truly Reformed” because they reject infant baptism.


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