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You’ll note that it’s pretty ordinary to get the same arguments from Evangelicals over and over again. That’s because there aren’t all that many sources from which they can possibly draw. Conservative Evangelical scholarship is actually not a huge field; most conservative seminaries have been around for 50 years or less, following in B.B. Warfield’s “Old Princeton” tradition. The following is a list of scholars from whom Reformed apologists often take arguments for granted, without necessarily citing the scholars in question (I’ve left off several names usually cited explicitly, like Calvin, Warfield, Hodge, Spurgeon, et al.). I collected the following list from observing Reformed Baptists/free-churchers in action:

Gleason Archer
Steven M. Baugh
Gregory Beale
D.A. Carson
William Cunningham
Jonathan Edwards
John Frame
Wayne Grudem
Paul Helm
Anthony Hoekema
Douglas Moo
Leon Morris
Richard Muller
John Murray
Roger Nicole
John Owen
John Piper
Vern Poythress
Thomas Schreiner
Moises Silva
Anthony Thistelton
Francois Turretin
Geerhardus Vos
Kevin Vanhoozer
Bruce Ware
John Woodbridge

Other philosophers of particular interest that sometimes come up in defenses of Calvinism include Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Gordon Clark, Greg Bahnsen, and William Alston. In church history, you may wish to concern yourself with Timothy George and D.H. Williams. While I’ve listed the “usual suspects,” some others can be found here: and Also, note the signatories of “The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration,” all of whom have some or another degree of hostility to the Catholic position (although few as severe as those I cited above):

This is anti-Catholic Evangelical scholarship in a nutshell. This is the root that feeds the poisonous plant of anti-Catholicism, the worldview in which the Eric Svendsens and the James Whites have been trained. If you want to “hit them where they live,” so to speak, this is where to go. To the extent we leave these guys untouched, we treat the symptom and not the disease.


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