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An old high school friend (catholic high school) recently posted something to the effect that she is a member of the Reformed Catholic Church. I did a search here but couldn’t find anything about it. I have to admit that I am not very savvy in the ways of the forum. I seem to remember some references to the Reformed Catholic Church but fumbled everywhere that I tried to find info. I would like some reliable info about this “sect” if it is a sect, or if it is legit… Anything would be appreciated.

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They’ve “reformed” themselves right out of the Church. I did an online search and found several web sites. They perform same-sex “marriages” and “ordain” women, among other things that separate them from the Catholic Church.

Maybe looks a bit like this (caption by Fr. Dwight Longenecker)…

Your friend here could be referring to three different things when she says that she is “Reformed” Catholic

The first thing she could be referring to is that she is a member of any one of the Independent Catholic denominations like the Old Catholic Church, or the National Polish Catholic Church etc. Many Independent Catholic Churches use the term “Reformed” Catholic as a synonymy for Independent Catholic Churches. These denominations aren’t Protestants they are still in the Catholic tradition, just not in communion with Rome.

She could also be referring to the Reformed Catholic denomination that is in Venezuela. Formed by Anglican and Catholic clergy. It is apart of the Orthodox Anglican Communion. (It’s not apart of the Anglican Communion, which is the biggest Anglican denomination.) So it is a branch in a Anglican denomination, so it’s Protestant. But if she doesn’t live in Venezuela, then this is no longer a possibility.

A third and final thing she could be referring to is the Reformed Catholic denomination that is based word wide and is not the same one as the one in Venezuela. Formed 1879, some priests who left the Catholic Church formed a few congregations, chiefly in New York, and began evangelistic work on a Protestant basis of belief. So this too is a Protestant denomination.

The most likely possibility is probably a denomination in one of the Independent Catholic Churches, sense this is the biggest. If she’s not in Venezuela, like I said, the second possibility is no longer possible. And she is probably not the third possibility since they are extremely small with less then 5,000 members, but there is still some possibility to that third one.

(Sometimes in the Anglican Communion, the biggest Anglican/Protestant denomination, some members might refer to themselves as “Reformed Catholic” but this is not a widely used synonym so it’s probably not this one but maybe.)

Fairly sure there was one in my town many years ago; was always curious while knowing they were not in communion with Rome… Don’t think there are many left…:confused:

I see on their Web site that the international headquarters are in Toledo, Ohio. I couldn’t find any membership figures.

By the way, excellent summary, Whoisdiss. It greatly added to my understanding.

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Thanks to all who answered. It is very enlightening on the one hand and very sad on another.:frowning:

It is sad.

Well, since there was a Reformation within the Church after the Council of Trent (Sixteenth Century), I suppose that I’m a member of the reformed Catholic Church.

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