" reformed catholic"

When talking to baptist and non denominationals when we talk back an forth about Jesus the bible and when I quote scripture

I am next asked What church I go to I respond the Roman Catholic Church

Then I am asked (and this has happened 10+ times). You must be a “reformed catholic”

I say I have never heard of such a thing.

Then they go on how I have a personal relationship with Christ so I must be working on changing the rcc from the inside as a reformer (this has happened Everytime)

I respond no I embrace all of the teachings of Jesus and the church he established
And I refer them to catholic.com if they need to learn more

Anyone else have this experience
Once it came from someone who has a high position at focus on the family

I thought “reformed catholic” referred to Anglicans and Lutherans and similar Protestant churches, since they maintain many Catholic traditions and practices but also embrace principles of the Protestant Reformation.

Maybe it stems from their understanding of Catholics not being sola scriptura or something. But hopefully if they need to learn more and they come here, they will learn if you were baptized/confirmed in a Catholic Church, then you are a Catholic period. According to the teaching of the Catholic Church.

You should say: “Is that like how the devils are reformed angels?”

I’d love to see the respons to that one :D:D
(from Iowa too)

No not exactly, but keep up the good work.:thumbsup: You must be doing something right.

I’ve never run into it - but then I’m not in a lot of conversations (except here at CAF) about faith.

That said - and thinking about the term “reformed Catholic”…

I was away from the Church for many years and now I am back - so yes I am a “reformed” Catholic…
Another aspect or response might be - why hes I am reformed and am continuing to be reformed into the image of my savior…in other words I am being re-formed to Christ.

I too am curious as to what prompts people to ask this. I mean, is it just the fact that you seem to actually know your faith? The fact that you are able to use and quote scripture? (many protestants think Catholics are not “allowed” to read the bible)
What they think you are trying to “reform from within the RCC”?..Most curious.

Of course historically the Church has undergone many reforms from within. The fact is that the Church over the centuries, like Israel before it, has undergone times of great piety and great impiety. The covenant remains…the teachings are good…God did not abandoned her, but instead called up reformers. St Francis of Assisi was, in his own way, a reformer as were Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. Pope John the XXIII as well as JP II were both popes seeking reform of the Church.
Those who are “reformed Catholics” then would be those who have drawn close to Christ in His Church and encourage others, by word and deed, to do the same.

Just some random thoughts…


New to me but I’m not surprised. One thing you learn on these forums, never be surprised about any thing you read or hear. It proves the endless imaginative properties of the human intellect. A lot of what your read here makes no sense whatsoever and one wonders where do people get such wild ideas? I have no answer to that, maybe too much T.V. or something like that. :thumbsup:

I think Pope Benedict has quite an evangelical spiritually, if I may say. Perhaps I am not putting that the right way, but his writing seems to convey it much more strongly than is typical of the institutionalize of previous Pontiffs.

You are a “reformed catholic” and I mean this is a good way:

You’re evangelical - you’re bringing the Gospel into the world.
You’re knowledgeable about the bible.
You’re involved, and you can debate, and know your apologetics.

As a member of the Catholic laity, you’re much different that what the world is expecting - you’re nowhere near the ‘cafeteria Catholics’ and you’re much more willing to spread the true catholic Gospel than some ‘one-true-church Catholics.’

I would take what they said as a form of complement, even if they don’t quite understand what they were saying.

I agree with this.
So many times I’ve heard converts speak about the many Catholics who could not answer questions about the Church - or who did not share the faith etc.
When a protestant bumps into a Catholic who can and does…It can be a surprise…

That said - I still wonder about this Idea that Adam, “must be working on changing the rcc from the inside as a reformer” (quoted from the OP)…:shrug:

If I were Adam - I would be wanting to explore that with the one who says this.


I also agree with this, and in this day-and-age, we all should be. We should be trying to reform the Church from the inside out, reaching out to cafeteria Catholics to bring them out of the cafeteria status, and make them practicing! Similar to how Jesus and the Apostles first reached out to the Jews before really being gung-ho about preaching to the gentiles. I feel so must we be with Catholics and non-Catholic Christians. Now is the time to bring Catholics home, and in doing so, I feel we’d have a stronger faith together to then reach out to others who may have many misunderstandings of the Church, what She teaches, and why.

So, yes, take it as a compliment, whether or not this is what he meant by it.

Perhaps your friends are under the impreesion that Catholics never read or study the bible, and you do?

That is and old fundamentalist stereotype about Catholics and “ND” and baptists are fundamentalists afaik.

News Flash: Many Catholics think Catholics are not allowed to read the bible. They’re afraid they’ll misinterpret it somehow. I’ve heard that first hand many times.

The baptist thought because I don’t think I work my way to salvation and I have complete faith in Jesus and then works have come from my faith where very confused because the common perception is that Catholics are works based and don’t follow te bible

There are a lot of misconceptions about each other on both sides.

Ah - yes - the old “Works based salvation” error…I hope you were able to explain to him that the Church has never taught such a thing.


Maybe the Polish National Catholic Church could be called a reformed Catholic Church. There are quite a few in Pennsylvania.

Sounds like a backhanded compliment to me, but I’d say your responses are pretty darned good!

Reformed Catholic…that’s silly. I have never heard that before I often get called a “Southern Catholic.” I too have a “personal” relationship with Christ, but doesn’t every Christian? Many Protestant believe we hold Blessed Mother above Christ…etc…etc. They believer in a “personal” Lord that saves THEM. It really stems from a misunderstanding of Church teachings.

When a Protestant as me if I am saved, I answer YES! The look puzzled like most Catholics do when asked that question. :shrug: The door knocker on Saturday morning sees my statue of the Blessed Mother and I believes runs to my door ready to ask the question, “are you born again” and are you saved?

This is how I answer it…Yes I was born again when I was baptized as an infant and by the Grace of God, was washed clean of my original sin. I was also “saved” by that baptism and I am saved each and every Sunday when I go to confession and partake in Holy Eucharist! I thank them for stopping by and wish them a wonderful and joy Saturday.

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