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Hello. I would like your spiritual input on this. If the Lord were to “reform” a person, to what degree does this person change? Does it mean that the person becomes Christ like or a Saint? A servant of the Lord? To what degree does the Lord reform someone? I’m speaking on a spiritual level on how the Lord wants us to be.


Reform, as you put it, can happen suddenly and dramatically (ie Teresa of Avila) with a change of heart, but more typically it is a slow and quiet drawing by God of the heart toward himself. It is.the work of a lifetime. The ultimate goal is to be Christ like, to be a saint


Interesting! What I gather from your response is that, ultimately if the Lord reforms someone, he is changing that person to be a Saint or Christ-like. I agree with you, that it is the work of a lifetime with the Ultimate goal of changing completely towards Christ’s standards. In other words, when reforming someone he doesn’t change them partially. He changes them completely towards him. Thank you for taking the time to respond. May the Lord bless you, for all that you do.


Yes, reform takes many years and is not linear! It’s a lifelong experience, and I say experience because struggle doesn’t seem to work. One thing I’ve learned is that it is God doing all the fighting in my heart, I just have to be obedient to Him by being faithful in my prayers, fasts, and community involvement such as Mass and Bible Studies.

What is the end goal? To be like Christ. We will, someday, be sanctified and made perfect as he is perfect and in perfect unity of God. So, anything less than Christ-like perfection means we are still a blessed work in progress! <3


St. Paul stated that he was sure that He who began a good work in us will see it to completion. Philippians 1:6.
Our job is to do our utmost to follow His lead.


If you were to try to find where in the bible it is a life of being served forever you might be dumbfounded, because I believe it is quite the opposite, especially for the higher ups. Righteousness of the Faith = God ok on the other side of what he does to you. Sometimes you suffer at the hands of the mortals, and sometimes God. But remember, God did not actually have to have Abraham sacrifice Isaac, just being more Righteous is sometimes enough to get us there. Life is just tough sometimes though.


I believe when we suffer at the hands of mortals, we are reminded that God through his Son suffered also. Life is definitely tough and the complexities of life are not an easy problem with an easy solution. We are exiled in this world only temporary. Think about it like a dream. When we have a dream, do we dream permanently? Our dreams seem so real but when we are awake we come back to reality. Now the question is are we really back to reality? If Our Father’s Kingdom is eternal, wouldn’t this life we’re living in only be a dream? In my opinion, God is so powerful that this mortal exile we’re living in is actually a dream and when we die it is when we really wake up. The flesh is not greater than the spirit. Is that why, Lucifer could have been angry with God for creating us? Creating something of a different reality that is corruptible. That is not perfect. Anyways, before I go off on a tangent. Since souls has to go somewhere, unrighteous souls must be punished. When you put things into perspective comparing the troubles of this life compared to what is to come, I believe we must bear everything this dream we call life patiently the way God intended us to. We must deal with it patiently and if our comforter wants to comfort us in this disillusion we call reality then his will be done. We must be happy both in comfort and trials and tribulation always looking up to God.


The Lord accomplishes nothing without faith. Even Martin Luther would agree. So, one might safely assume a faith to reformation ratio. Perhaps something like this…


My math may be fuzzy. But just ignore that.


My math is fuzzy also lol. I got Reformation= Grace/Faith


Lets take of 20 points for the fuzzy math and add back 10 for spelling your name right.




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