Reformists Make Gains In Iranian Elections [RFERL]


When Ben Carson was asked the difference between the Shias and the Sunnis, he said the Shias are more secular and the Sunnis are more fundamentalist in the world of Islam. If this is so, and I tend to believe it is so; does it not make Iran much less of threat? I know it is an Islamic Republic but still?

Back to the main story, there were big elections in Iran this weekend.

Reformists Make Gains In Iranian Elections

Allies of Iran’s self-styled moderate President Hassan Rohani have made significant gains in the parliamentary elections, winning all 30 of Tehran’s contested seats in parliament, according to the latest results.

With the vote count nearing completion on February 28, results also showed moderates gaining against rival hard-liners in the Assembly of Experts – a body tasked with choosing Iran’s next supreme leader.

Millions cast their ballots on February 26 to elect the 290-seat parliament as well as members of the 88-strong assembly, which consists of mostly elder and senior clerics.

Rohani’s ally, former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, is leading the race for the assembly in the Iranian capital. Rohani is currently in the 3rd position. Tehran will send 16 candidates to the assembly.

The hard-line cleric Ahmad Jannati, who chairs the powerful Guardian Council, was in 15th position.

Two other prominent hard-line clerics, Ayatollah Mohammad and Ayatollah Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, lost their seats, according to the latest results issued by the Interior Ministry.


Remember that these moderates were all approved by the Iranian clerics and regime before they were allowed to run.

“Moderate” is a relative term. We were told for decades that Stalin was a moderate Communist. Many believed that Herman Goering was a moderate Nazi and spent much effort wooing him.


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