Refugee crisis: Why the Bible doesn't allow us to turn our backs on drowning children

Does the Church have anything to contribute to the debate about what to do? If it doesn’t, it is damned to irrelevance. The migration crisis is the defining humanitarian issue of our times.

But Christians, speaking as Christians, must be very careful to distinguish between what they can say with the authority of the Bible and of two millennia of Christian tradition, and what they can offer as a suggested outworking of that teaching.

Yes, Europe could commit suicide by accepting hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees. Sounds like a great plan.

Europe has been committing suicide for decades through abortion.
Your attitude toward the misfortune of other human beings is appalling.

The Roman Empire fell because it invited “refugee” barbarians into the Empire. The new residents then complained of “discrimination” and felt they weren’t being treated fairly. They then revolted and created total chaos for a few hundred years, leading to the Dark Ages.

My sympathies are with the Europeans, who, at the current rate of reproduction, will be overwhelmed within a generation–or two at the most. If “Islamic Republic of France” rolls off your tongue, by all means support the “refugees.”

I hate to ask where you got your history. It was a liiiiiitle more complicated that that.
But please, keep posting. Tell us how these poor refugees, fleeing from war WE caused, many of them Christians, are going to ‘overwhelm’ a continent that has rejected God for ‘two generations’.

Wow, just…wow.
I feel sorry for you.

This opportunity to preach the Gospel, and then help others should not be ignored.


I get my Roman history from books!!! Yes, it’s complicated, but this is a post, not a book series. But, for example, the emperor Valens invited the Ostrogoths to cross the Danube into the empire; the Ostrogoths then complained about not getting their “rights,” revolted, and defeated the Romans at Adrianople in 395. The entire Balkans were then ravaged. But each individual case starts with an invitation to the barbarians to enter the empire, as refugees or allies. And the barbarians–in general–wanted to integrate into the empire. They admired Rome. Contrast that to today’s refugees, who neither admire Europe nor want to integrate into its society or culture.

“We” caused the war in Syria? Really? You could cobble together some series of events starting with Alexander the Great that led to Asad, but I prefer the simpler explanation that Asad is a tyrant and the people demonstrated against him, then he attacked the demonstrators, then it spiraled out of control. Have you been to Syria? I have–twice. Do you speak Arabic? I do. Have you lived in the Middle East? I have–seven years. Have you studied Islam? I have–all but dissertation on a PhD.

How are the refugees going to overwhelm Europe? If you need to ask that, you’re not paying attention. is a nice little compilation of clips from all around Europe showing how well the Muslims are integrating into society.

Here’s a much longer one (an hour)

Here are a couple about Belgium or

Here’s a nice Muslim video about the same subject

Here’s another by an Imam in N. Virginia

You can go on and on….

I feel sorry for all of us in the West.

Before you shed too many tears, ask a few logical questions:

When refugees are rescued from the Mediterranean, it’s by Italian or Greek navies. Where are the navies of Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco…??? If you think they don’t have navies, look it up in Wikipedia. They do. They choose not to help the refugees.

In the case of the recent little boy drowned in Turkey, why is this the West’s fault? Why doesn’t Turkey simply stop traffickers from setting out from Turkey in sub-standard boats? They could do this tomorrow if they wanted to. They don’t. They are the ones to blame.

Refugees: If they go to Jordan, they are put in camps. When Hungary tried to put them in camps–half-heartedly–they were condemned. Why not condemn Jordan? When Slovakia and other countries said they don’t want to accept refugees, they were condemned. How many refugees have Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States accepted? Zero. Who condemns them? No one.

I’m sorry, but there is a double standard. When the Muslim countries step up and accept responsibility for their own “brothers and sisters” as they themselves would call them, let me know.

That’s your response to a dead toddler on a beach? Let someone else deal with it?

Yes. It happened in Turkey because Turkey refuses to police traffickers/smugglers.

It seems to me we should be asking why we all stood by and watched 240,000 die in Syria in the last four years. For some strange reason, no one seems concerned with that, or the fact that half Syria’s population has been displaced–a mere 11 million people.

before I ask a question I would like to say a Our Father and a Hail Mary for the soul of this poor child who had his life taken away from him .

now,was this poor child and his family,living in Turkey for free.for 3 years? (this has nothing to do with getting things free either.)if so,they were not leaving a war zone like the news has said in my country.they were safe,for 3 years in turkey? ive not seen it in the news ,ive heard people speak of it.

The leader of the religion in your moniker disagrees with you.
It’s the responsibility of ALL Christians to respond as Christ would command us, regardless of the religion of the “barbarian refugees” as you call them.

That’s what I have read–the father had been living in Turkey for three years; he had relatives in Canada, they suggested he go there; Canada refused to grant him refugee status; then he took his chances on the boat.

I never used the phrase “barbarian refugees”–go back and check my posts. That’s yours.

There is a world of difference between helping people and committing cultural suicide. Sept. 5, 2015 will go down in history along with Dec. 31, 406 when the Rhine froze and the barbarians streamed across into the empire. Ask the Romans how that worked out for them–oh, whoops, you can’t because they were all eliminated by the barbarians. Check back in 50 years and see how Germany’s getting on.

As I said to the other poster, if we really wanted to “help” we wouldn’t have stood idly by as 240,000 people died and 11 million people were displaced in Syria. If you want to get worked up about something, get worked up about that. I am.

This grave moral crisis will only be solved by ultimately defeating ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al Shabab. We need to ante up and brutally crush these monsters. Otherwise, there will be even more dead children in the water.

What happens once MILLIONS of people attempt to migrate to Europe? It will create a violent political reaction of epic proportions. You know what will bring Nazi-like political parties to power? This largely Muslim refugee crisis. False humanitarianism will lead to new Hitlers.

Also, the wealthy Arab Gulf States have taken in hardly any Syrian refugees. They are mostly fellow Muslims.

Just to jar your memory.

Pope calls on every European parish to welcome a refugee family

Following his September 6 Angelus address, Pope Francis appealed to “every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every shrine of Europe” to show mercy to refugee family.

“Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who flee death from war and hunger, and who have begun a journey moved by vital hope, the Gospel calls us to be ‘neighbors’ of the weakest and the abandoned, to give them concrete hope,” he said. “It’s not enough to say, ‘Take heart. Be patient.’”

“Therefore, before the upcoming Jubilee of Mercy, I make an appeal to parishes, religious communities, monasteries and shrines of all Europe, that they give expression to an application of the Gospel and welcome a family of refugees,” he continued. “I address my brother bishops of Europe, true pastors, so that in their dioceses they back my appeal, remembering that Mercy is the second name of Love: ‘What you have done for the least of my brothers, that you have done for me.’ The two parishes of the Vatican will also in the coming days welcome two families of refugees.”

There is a difference between “refugee” barbarians --referring to the Roman Empire, putting the “refugee” in quotations because of course they wouldn’t have been referred to as that in the 4th and 5th centuries and barbarian refugees – which makes it sound like I’m using the adjective “barbarian” to describe current refugees. I didn’t say that, and I wouldn’t say that. I am careful with my words, and I mean what I say–but I don’t mean what I didn’t say.

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