Refugee Crisis


Religious Groups who steps up to the plate on welcoming all of God’s Children !


Think of it as a hold up in the line. The system really does need an overhaul, and there are other places to go…it’ll get moving again, and hopefully be more secure.


Keep telling yourself that. These people can’t afford to wait. Listen to the pope, we must take them in.


The idea of ‘refuge’ which is where ‘refugee’ comes from, is to give someone safety from whatever they are fleeing from (ISIS). A safe zone logically vets those who come into it otherwise it’s no longer a safe zone.

Without vetting procedures, there is no point, because your not giving anyone refuge, as whatever they are fleeing from will follow them there and also endanger everyone else in that Country.

As for Islamic Immigration, ISIS claims to be an Islamic group, so for starters, those who are Islamic are of less need of refuge then their non Islamic counterparts, so those who are not Islamic, such as Yazidis and Christians, should have higher priority because they would be more in need of refuge (The priority should be based on their need, one can simply look and see who ISIS is targeting most or first). The non Islamic counterparts are also less likely to become radicalized and join ISIS. I’m not saying one no longer takes Islamic refugee’s, it just means one vets them properly, as Trump says, to have a fair idea that those who are coming into the nation are truly seeking refuge and don’t have ill-will toward the nation that is giving them refuge.

Next it comes to numbers, if one takes in huge numbers, like France and Germany, then there arises major problems as no system can cope, and then you get communities in Germany and France, which are like separate Countries. Such as Calais’ Jungle camp with Sharia Law being their law.

A better idea I believe, would be setting up a safe zone in Iraq or some place in the Middle East. Where one can go seeking refuge, and then they can be vetted and admitted in manageable numbers while in a safe zone in Iraq.

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If safe zones in the ME were a practical solution the refugees would be there instead. As it is the countries in the ME that are taking refugees have more refugees than indigenous now (I think Jordan is one such country). Such is true christian behaviour: cleaning up the mess the US has created and refuses to deal with and helping as many people as they can to breaking point.

We grew up thinking that the rabbi who walked past the injured man was unchristian and the Samaritan was in the right. Well, that rabbi was probably afraid of being ambushed on the road. So we know where Jesus stands on the refugee issue. Yet again, non-christians are doing a better job of being Christian to those in need than actual Christians.


Nailed it.


I agree with the order all the way. The time has come to protect our borders.


Go read what the USCCB published today. This isn’t about safety. This is hateful.


Yes, it IS safety. You just don’t want acknowledge it. You falsely shout racism, hate, and intolerance at everything that isn’t what you believe, when perhaps what you really need is a look in the mirror. If you have nothing positive to say to anybody, then leave this forum.


I agree, Islam is a hateful faith. Just look everywhere in the world where there is a major problem, Islam is the cause.


Can’t because the previous administration was inept in this regard and Iraq fell by the way side unfortunately. There are probably things this new administration could do to restore it to some kind of safe zone in the Middle East I believe.

To breaking point? the thing about breaking point is that if you get close, chances are you might accidently hit it. And then where will you flee?

No, taking in large numbers of refugee’s from a place that contains ISIS and ISIS sympathizers and affiliates or having open borders from such a region is folly, it’s very different to The Good Samaritan.

I believe using The Good Samaritan parable would be justified if the US refused to take or help any refugee’s, but that is not the case.

I hope this has helped

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Lol take that hateful attitude elsewhere.


Do a google search on current wars in the world. Almost every single one of them involve Islam.


Go ahead and call me hateful. I am for accepting refugees but we should have the right to exercise discernment on who to accept. Otherwise as another poster already pointed out, the refuge we offer will be for nothing if we let in the very people who are the cause of the problems in the first place. Worst we are also derelict in our duty to protect the citizens of the host country.

I also think that Islam is the cause and I don’t think it is hateful to criticize an ideology. To me it is part of discernment. While all humans are equal in dignity and worth this is not the same with belief systems. Not all belief system are equal or the same. To think so would fall into the trap of relativism.


I don’t think that anyone disagrees with this. What are the criteria? That may be a point of disagreement. But we have not had an open door policy; we have been exercising discernment.


This is the difficult part. Determining the criteria for acceptance.

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